On The Move

September 2, 2009

We’ve jumped ship to the pretty Slutty Fringe.com


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Sit On The Bass

August 26, 2009

Micachu & The Shapes debut Jewelery might be notable by it’s absence from this years Mercury Music Nominations (fckn idiot judges) but the band never stray far from our ears.

For fresh example of Micachu & The Shapes adeptness at taking apart other bands music and re arranging it with their own musical pritstick we present the M.A.T.H.E.S remix of Surprise Hotel by indie blog hypees Fools Gold, a Los Angeles band whose sartorial efforts bring to mind a Gap ad themed around 70s TV show Love Boat.

Fools Gold – Surprise Hotel (M.A.T.H.E.S Remix)

Those wishing to delve further into M.A.T.H.E.S remixes should wait on the release of their awesome take on Basic Space by The xx

Laziest Blog Post Ever

August 25, 2009


It’s raining, I’ve got a pile of work a yard high and all I have to look forward to today is  standing in the cold watching Accrington Stanley play a meaningless league cup match tonight. Living the blog dream.

Anyway, Little Boots, what’s going on there then, has her album done well?

I thought it had tanked, the fickle public only able to comprehend one vaguely alternative female fronted electro pop act at any one time, but apparently her latest single is currently at six in the charts, so maybe it is doing ok after all.

I guess I should know but to be honest I think I stopped caring when she started cropping up next to the genuinely talentless likes of Peaches Geldoff et al in the SHOWBIZ! GOSSIP! pages of the tabloids, guilt by association and all that.

Which is a bit of a shame really as slightly underwhelming album aside I think she’s got a lot more going for her than 99.9% of the other jokers that i shall lazily dub the Electro Pop Class of 2009.

All of which is a really long and boring way of saying that she (or at least someone within Lil Boots PLC) has decided to re-connect with the blogosphere again and taken it back, old skool 2008 style (remember those crazy days?) by sticking together a little ‘mixtape’ which you can download below.

Featuring as it does Vangelis’ Pulstar this is alright by me.  Welcome back Boots!

Little Boots – New Mixtape in Town

And Your Dreams Come True – Beach Boys
Walking On A Dream (Treasure Fingers remix) – Empire Of The Sun
Precious Little Diamond – Fox The Fox
Triangle Walks (Rex The Dog remix) – Fever Ray
Obsession For The Disco Freaks – Alexander Robotnick
Cruel Intentions – Simian Mobile Disco feat. Beth Ditto
Kilometer (A-Trak dub) – Sebastien Tellier
Dreaming – Rainbow Team
Animal (Fake Blood remix) – Miike Snow
Suspicious Minds – Miss Kittin & The Hacker
Pulstar – Vangelis
The Things That Dreams Are Made Of  (re-edit) – The Human League
We’re back (Vitalic remix) – Heartbreak
aNYway – Duck Sauce
Remedy (Stonemasons remix) – Little Boots

Do Androids Dream Of Electric Beats

August 20, 2009

One of the most consistently good labels of the past year or two Redux are back with a new EP from Argentinian bass maestro Fernando. Already on my radar as 1/4 of 2020 Soundsystem and 1/2 of Silver City it was his solo cover of Bauhaus’ ‘A Kick In The Eye’ released last autumn though that really made me start paying attention.

Alongside Happy House it was easily my most played record in 2008 and hasn’t faired badly in 2009 either. Guaranteed to get people dancing and asking after it, it’s a pretty handy update of what is one of my favourite goth disco classics and has made itself a permanent resident in my record bag.

Anway he’s back with a new EP, 3 tracks of bass driven, heads down, spaced out disco business including a rather tasty remix from much fancied Croatian type Illija Ruddman. It’s great stuff and should be available in the shops very soon, when it is I recommend you go grab yourself a copy.

Fernando – Blade Drummer

Perfect Vision

August 20, 2009

photo by Brun Dayan

2020Vision have done the right thing with the next Crazy P release drafting in New Yorkers Still Going for remix duties. Whilst we impatiently wait for the follow up to the imperious Still Going Theme to drop, this remix will serve well enough as musical methadone.

Crazy P – Caught Up (Still Going Dub)

After the sellout show at the Islington Academy back in March the P are back in London in a couple of weeks playing Koko, though for some unknown reason we’re not supporting them this time and some newjacks trading as Norman Jay and The Unabombers will be filling our shoes instead.

Keeping with 2020 news the new album ‘Falling’ from the label’s flagship project 2020Soundsystem dropped onto the mat this week and as we’ve come to expect it’s packed with top late night house action. Full of dubby basslines, echoing beeps and bleeps, and  drums that just lock you into the groove it’s perfect for the kind of dark  dancefloors where just a metronomic strobe cuts through the thick smoke.

As a taster download this unreleased version of the track Satellite and the 15 Years of 2020 Mix that Ralph Lawson has put together. The album should be in shops mid to late September.

2020 Soundsystem – Satellite (Unreleased Version)

Ralph Lawson – 15 Years of 2020 Vision Mix

Blaze – Lovelee Dae (2020Vision Accapella)  /  Playhouse
Ernesto Ferreya – Ground / lomidhigh

Boccadillo (Ekkohaus remix)

Moritz Piske – Dirt Cabana / Salon

Loko – Scarlet House / Soulman

Bruno Gauthier – It’s Love (Simon Baker remix) / Classic

Mark Broom – Life / 2020Vision

Lil Louis – I Called You / FFRR

Ekkohaus – Brian Said / 2020Vision

Saro & Black – We Were There / Shadowprint

Ricardo Villalobos – Easy Lee (Random Factor unreleased mix) / Playhouse

Gruber & Nurnberg – Traffic / Bloop

Salvatore Freda – Bombolone / Liebe Detail

TBD – What Is This ?  /  TBD

Basement Jaxx – Flylife (Atlantic Jaxx)

Julien Chaptal – Collider (2020Vision)

Life Is Sooo Good To Me

August 17, 2009

DJ Hell, or Hell when he’s no Djing, or Helmut to his Mutter, seems to be taking over my head at the moment.

Always found him a somewhat amusing character, sort of like a flamboyant uncle from Berlin with interesting friends your moms didn’t like to discuss (seem to recall him having a transvestite as a muse during the last embers of electroclash)

But never paid much attention to the International Deejay Gigolo label boss’ music, other than cursing him for putting out  Sunglassess At Night back in 2002.

However, his fourth album Teufelswerk released back in April has got right under my skin of late, with even the vague Day and Night concept behind the album not posing a barrier.

(Hate Concept Albums)

Thanks mostly to P Diddys vocal contribution, several certified haus bngrs and witty titles like I Prefer Women Anyway that complement the kosmicheness of Day, Teufelswerk is one of a few albums from the first six months of this year yet to be knocked off my ipod by the likes of The xx, Wevvers, Health, Pens and the LCD SS 45 33 Remixes.

Subsequent to the earhog of Teufelswerk is the current love for the awesome 18 minute Playgroup remix of Hells Kitchen which is so completely epic it would be impossible to top but for the news that Radioslave has conjured a 28 minute (yes that’s right) chugathon remix of The DJ.

Piqued by Helmut’s hold on my musical train of thought, I recently dusted off my copy of International Deejay Gigolos Vol 11 that had formed part of the great promo cd mountain that casts a mean shadow at Slutty Fringe HQ.

Quite glad I did too as it contains some right good house/techno/electro/delete as appropriate and add new pigeon hole from the likes of Abe Duque, Seelenluft, Henrik Schwarz and a calvacade of peeps whose names have the Vienna effect on me.

Amongst these is this awesome back to basics house track from Heib called Jackpot that combines vocals vaguely remiscent of Lil Louis’ Blackout with crashing symbols, plinky plonky synths, off key drum beats, farty bass and ACID and clearly wasn’t closer to my nu disco radar upon it’s release last year…

Heib – Jackpot

If you like the idea of spending money on music Slutty Fringe is quite happy to recommend both Teufelswerk and IDJG Vol 11.

ps  Sorry for the long winded post


Headthrashing at Fabric

August 17, 2009

sfThe problem with the phat line-up-really-good nights at Fabric is you want to be in all three rooms at the same time, so unless you’re the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, you’re practically dance/fighting the pill-heads out the way to catch a bit of everyone’s always banging sets.

However for last Friday’s Headthrash night, I decided Room 2 was where it was at, featuring Joe Ransom and Riva Starr dropping tech bangers such as Retur 2, and DJ T.’s Dis, Christian Martin’s Elephant Fight and ending on Style of Eye’s remix of Fake Blah. Jesse Rose’s set involved more post-wonky house and midget than a Gael Garcia Bernal lookalikes contest until Mowgli was on to entertain the hardcore ravers/stragglers at 4.

Elsewhere in the underground labyrinth before Yo Majesty’s live shenanigans, Sinden played an energetic early set packing out Room 1 with party choons mixing in Brodi/Noob Peanuts Club into Style of Eye’s mental Grounded, before getting all Roots Manuva Let The Spirit Move You wobble remixes. Although such frequencies were unmatched by ‘wobblier than thou’ Toddla T w/ MC Serocee was in Room 3 getting everyone Pon Di Floor and Count & Sinden’s ‘Lord Have Mercy Remix’ of Love You No More, moving onto Baobinga‘s heavier dubstep.

Much a change of scene since Mumdance’s early set with my favourite booty-shaker Kalemba, paining me to see only three backcombed toffs shaking it in the smoke machined pit. Just another demographic added to the ever-changing crowd from the Friday night summoned 30-something office workers to ghettotech Sinden-fanboys, where running around in a American Apparel mini-dress gives you enough shiny attention to part the drunks (i. e man-berks) although on the dancefloor this seems to have the opposite effect. Thank God this is one of the few places in London where you’re SUPPOSED to dance like a madman instead of clutching your Flirtini and nodding your head disdainfully at your favourite song in the world, that’s right, put that in your Dalston pipe and smoke it. Pssh.

Modest Goddess

August 14, 2009


There’s a lot of generic psuedo-techno labels coming out the woodworks recently smelling like the work of Techno Viking to me but regardless, a few things have leaked through that are notably danceable such as the Modest Goddess EP from Canadian My Favorite Robot Records.

Check out the old school vocals via the Pan/Tone and the deep house Jonny White remixes as recommended by M Walshy, Ellen Allien and DJ Hell. Also acclaimed is the We Come in Pieces LP as the dashingly OTT review from ever-loveable Jori Hulkhonnen puts it: “There’s something about the gated drums… LOVE IT!”

By The Time I Get To Venus

August 11, 2009

The Juan Maclean return to London for a live show at Cargo on Wednesday 19th August ahead of a proper release for all time piano house favourite Happy House that has a slew of tech housier remixes from the like of Wooly Paul, Matty Dear Versus The Audions and Lazzy Cassanova (our favourite)

oh watch the new video for Happy House here too

Check the Cargo blog for interview with DFA’s Iain Dowie lookalike for in depth discussion on robot mascots and Nancy Whang.

Cargo have offered up a pair of tickets to the gig, nice people that they are. Just send email here entitled “Dance With Me” with answer to following quandry:

Which track by Scotch egg Indie types Franz Ferdinand did The Juan Maclean recently contribute one of 273 remixes for?

Competition will close Tuesday 18th August at 1pm prompt with winners notified soon after!

The Juan Maclean – Happy House (Lazaro Casanova Remix)

Tear Down The Walls

August 10, 2009

Filling your gargle sampling horror disco needs perfectly is Acid Girls The Numbers Song which finally sees the light of day in record shops on September 1st.

Golf claps all round to LA blog imprint I Heart Comix for releasing it along with awesome remixes from Jokers Of The Scene and Dave P & Adam Sparkles (our favourite)

Acid Girls – The Numbers Song

The Mother of All Fringes

August 9, 2009

img00273-20090310-1403Say hello to Meghan Collison: having campaigned for Prada and D&G Resort, walking on every runway, appearing on every magazine from i-D, Dazed & Confused and all the blimmin’ international Vogues, her face is more well travelled than *insert slag joke here*. Standing at 5″11, she’s a formidable fringey force to reckon with.

And in the spirit of all things Summery in London (WHAT rain, WHAT swine flu?), check out Erobique‘s Tensnakey release on MirauEndorphinmachine. Bar the Housemeister/Siriusmo-esque intro, it’s the soundtrack to you skipping down the road in a gingham pinafore after a really dapper gentleman just winked and asked you out on a date laden with all his cash monies. This applies to men too.

A Change Is Gonna Come

August 7, 2009


Eagle eyed amongst you may well have clocked the tagline ‘Version 2.0 Soon Come!’ that has sat under our title for the past 12 months or so… Well come the end of August all our wishful thinking will become reality when we unveil the brand new, beautifully designed, next generation, 2nd edition of Slutty Fringe.

Such an event will no doubt be marked with national holidays, animal sacrifices and tributes of gold, frankincense and myrrh and rightly so, but we wanted to do something too, give back a little something to you, the fans.

So on Saturday August 29th as the new site is launched and networks around the world buckle trying to cope with the increased demand, we shall be kicking back and throwing a party in our hometown of London to celebrate (ourselves) and you are all invited.


Featuring some of our favourite people like Trevor Jackson, Leo Zero, Grovesnor, I Haunt Wizards and Kinema, it’s surely going to be the best party the world has ever seen. Hell we’re even going to fire up the BBQ and get our meat on, just get there early (before 11) and it’s free, gratis, on-the-house, who knows you might even get some free drinks.*

For those who need reassurance that this isn’t a cruel hoax and is actually happening, you can check Cargo’s site here or do the Facebook thing here.

Right, after all that, time for some music.

We posted this a few weeks ago, but I’ve been playing it out loads recently and this seems as good a time as any to revisit… It is of course Let’s Go, from Leo Zero’s forthcoming mighty fine Acid Life album.

Leo Zero – Let’s Go

* Or possibly not… we’ll see.

Machine Vibes

August 5, 2009

Such is the ADD way of the internet and music that the hype over Who’s There? was swiftly put to one side so everyone could fawn over the Erol Boys Noize collab (rightly so cos Waves is fckn awesome) only for the internet to focus their attention on the forthcoming Fake Blood EP.

No doubt by the time this post hits hypem Wiseguy Theo’s new stuff will be old news and the electro nerds will be speculating over Surkin’s forthcoming rehash of Brodi & Noobi’s Peanuts Club……

Back to the point, Next week sees the release of the Who’s There? remixes from In Flagranti, Style of Eye, L Vis 1990 and Doorly in digital format at the usual suspects with vinyl to follow there after.

Here is the L Vis 1990 remix which wisely only retains the chorus refrain (the stab at hip house vocals from Primary One is a bit shoddy in all honesty) and layers lots of percussive elements my limited understanding of production has trouble describing.

Riton & Primary One – Who’s There? (L Vis 1990 Remix)

Look forward to the following L Vis 1990 related musical endeavours over the next few months: A United Groove Remix EP on Mad Decent, A Night Slugs EP on Dre$$ 2 $weat, a single on Sound Pellegrino as well as remixes for Passion Pit, Gucci Vamp and Slice & Soda.

Always Believe In Your Soul

August 5, 2009


Well it feels like ages since I’ve posted on here, busy as I have been festivalling, playing Fleetwood Mac records on beaches and according to one chap writing ‘one of the most offensive, disgusting interviews i’ve ever read‘.

To ease myself back into blogging gently here’s a rather fine mix from Chibuku resident DJ and Fringe favourite Dash, that I meant to post up ages ago and well… I’ve already made my excuses so let’s leave it there.

Anyway in future rather than wait for me to pull my finger out just head to his Facebook page and you’ll get all his new mixes and info straight from the pump.

Dash – In Stereo 12 Mix

1. Loco Dice “Pimp Jackson” (Luciano Rmx)
2. Raziek “Wake Up” (Zombie Disco Squad Rmx)
3. Dj Hell “Bodyfarm 2”
4. Luke Solomon “I Wanna Be Italian Too”
5. Zombie Disco Squad “Vie”
6. Hugg & Pepp “I Can’t Breath”
7. Dopamine “Spunk”
8. John Acquaviva “Too Cool For School”
9. Meat Katie “Roll Player”
10. Zoo Brazil & Adam Sky “Circle Jerk”
11. Audion “Mouth To Mouth”
12. Popof “Stereos & Such”
13. Knightlife “Discotriso”
14. Mr Oizo “Steriods”
15. Alex Metric “Shirly You Cant Be Serious”
16. Tiga “Shoes” (Noob Rmx)
17. His Majesty Andre “Peep Thong”
18. Tiga “Mind Demention”
19. Zombie Nation “Worth It”
20. Alter Ego “Ghost Music” (Baltimoroder Rmx)
21. T.E.E.D “Bournemouth”
22. Sidney Samson”Riverside”
23. Zombie Nation “Seas Of Grease”
24. Unknown “Rockstar”
25. Zodiac Cartel “We Dont Play That”
26. Bloody Beetroots “Warp 7.7”
27. Zombie Nation “Supercake 53”
28. B.Rich “Everyday Hustle (Ac Slater Rmx)
29. Sharam Jay “In My Blood” (Larry Tee Rmx)
30. Rogue Element “Esculation”
31. Freeland “Under Control” (Alex Metric Rmx)
32. Mstrkrft “Vuvuvu”
33. Popof “High & Down”
34. Tiga “What You Need”

Lets Get High In The Cinema

August 4, 2009

Last time we checked on ace Japanese boutique label Big Love they were doing their bit to push the uneasy crackazoid noise of Salem.

The delectable disco vixens Fan Death are the next objects of Big Love’s affection with the Cannibal EP, due for release anytime now, comprised of original compostion Cannibal, the previously featured Goodbye Horses cover version and two remixes courtesy of blog icon CFCF and (the ridiculously hard to find info on) Manderson.

It’s the latters take on Veronicas Veil that wins at Slutty Fringe HQ, twisting the strings of the original out with a certain degree of blissful ecstasy

Fan Death – Veronicas Veil (Manderson Remix)

Preorder here or keep your eye on Rough Trade