Three mp3s for A Friday Part One

July 21, 2006

Hollertronix – Buy It, Use It (Diplo mix)

hollertronix vol.4The Hollertronix eps have been a rather good way to get the gal dem shake hips at Destroy All Monsters parties (shallow hipster doofuses that we are) – invariably with blends there have been a few ropey tracks on each release but there is always one track that makes it a neccessary purchase and with Hollertronix 4, for me, it was the diplo flipover of Touch It by Busta Rhymes.


Buy Hollertronix ep’s here

Blues Explosion – Mars Arizona (DFA Remix)

DFA Remixes Vol. 1This refix of the Blues Explosion from the recent DFA Remixes Album contains what I refer to as high bass woosh potential. At around the 5 minute mark, the DFA start laying down some absolutely evil bass sounds that shoot out of your speakers like scud missiles.


Get the DFA Remixes Volume One here


I implore you do, it’s a great compilation of their early remix work (Their remix of Deceptacon by Le Tigre is a D.A.M. favourite) and there is a second volume dropping in the autumn.

Green Velvet – Flash (m4a. file)

Green Velvet - Flash “The Camera’s Ready, Prepare The Flash!”

At the cusp of New Years Eve in December 2000, I visited Belfast to stay with my cousin Laurie and see in the new year getting extremely wonky at Belfast clubbing institution Shine. He had just purchased a Bugged Out comp mixed by Justin Robertson & Felix Da Housecat and he proceeded to play it at every possible opportunity at full volume. The one track from that cd that stayed in my memory was Flash by Green Velvet.
You can purchase some remixes of Flash here

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