Mr Trick – Hella Flossy Mix

July 21, 2006


Mr Trick – Label boss of NeedleWork Records, Presenter on Resonance FM, President of The Winona Ryder Appreciation Society, Soon to be Father (Best of luck with all that!) and a man solely responsible for ingraining the expression AYO HOLLAWHUT!?!?!?! on the subconscious minds of a entire generation finds enough spare time in his life to be a rather nifty dj.

Recently, Mr Trick contributed a guest mix to Johnny Reggae‘s radioshow and now he has posted it on his website for download.

In his own words…………

“Music in the mix includes exclusives from Mat Young and Joey Beats, as well as a Fink remix by yours truly, EdIT, me and Wax’s “I KILL YOU WITH MY MIND” track, a Mashit tribute, Rakim, Usher and shitloads more…”

Get it Here

Up The Anti!

And if that tickles your pickle you really should purchase “Up The Anti”, the mix he and Waxfactor recently put out cos it’s fookin splendid!

Those in the US touch here to buy
Those in the UK touch here to buy

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