New York Musical Memories

July 25, 2006

Earlier this year I decided to up sticks from London Town in March and head out to New York for a month for what was my inaugaraul visit to the city that never sleeps. It was an amazing experience, I turned up with only a box of records, a bag of clothes, a ipod crammed with music and a head full of fancy and left some thirty days later, exhausted, broke, happy and full of stories which will not be divulged on these here pages.

Instead, I am posting three of the songs that soundtracked some of my time there……….

Alice Russell – Mean To Me (m4a. file)

Having shied away from the Tru Thoughts output over the past few years (more to do with my increasing predilection for shouty girl electro than a slant on the quality of their releases) I haven’t particularly been enamoured by anything Alice Russell shaped that they have released.

Apart From This. Alice sings like she has been on the horn for a fortnight with no takers, and TM Juke’s Two Step Boogie production fits perfectly and makes for a song which is dancefloor filth.

Tru Thoughts are releasing Under The Munka Moon II soon – an album compiling several b sides and covers by Alice Russell plus lots of remixes of her by such artists as Dj Vadim, Bonobo and Nostalgia 77. You can get that and lots more Tru Thoughts stuff here

Theo Parrish – Ugly Edits vol 5 side A1 (m4a. file)

I was only really introduced to the Theo Parrish sounds in the last year having being given a CDR of his productions and mixes (ask politely and i might upload the splendid two hour MasterMix from 2001 he did) and soon after the immense Carl Craig remix of Falling Up dropped (available here) which made me sit up and take notice.

This track was released as part of Mr Parrish’s achingly limited and painfully expensive Ugly Edit EP series. What the original source is I do not know know but Parrish crafts over nine minutes of disco sunshine which complemented perfectly my jaunts through the East Village in the baking heat rocking my aviators.

Rush Hour Records has some of the Ugly Edit series back in stock along with other assorted Theo Parrish goodness.

Slick Rick featuring OutKast – Street Talkin’

Bomb tune, Simple As – I just don’t hear hiphop like this these days (maybe has something to do with my predilection for shouty girl electro hmmm)

Buy Slick Rick here Help pay the mans legal fees!

<<<<<<<<<< Bonus New York mp3 >>>>>>>>>>>>>

Regina Spektor – That Time

Taken from her latest album Begin To Hope, I have posted this track because it’s my favourite from the album, it heavily namechecks NYC (her hometown) and because the structure of the song I could apply to my own time there. (I also like how she describes tangerines)

You can buy Begin To Hope here

For a photographic insight into my time in New York, touch here



2 Responses to “New York Musical Memories”

  1. Polloxniner Says:

    I can appreciate a man who can link both Slick Rick AND Theo Parrish in the same post. Magic. Thanks for the ace tunes.

    Hope you had a lovely time in New York City… x

  2. sluttyfringe Says:

    Thankyou Polloxniner,

    I had a grand time in New York, if it was feasible I would live there! I just need to find myself a Brooklyn Sugar Momma!

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