Sunday Djing Runnings

July 28, 2006

Just a quick note to say the splendid Keep Up!* collective have invited me down to play some records this sunday at their Locktones night in Camden. Having attended this event on several previous occasions and embarrassed myself and others with some rather drunken behaviour I can’t wait!

Full Details

Keep Up! presents Lock Tones @Lock 17 Canalside Bar
Camden Lock, Camden
Sunday 30th July

With Jus’ Jules & Nexus (Keep Up!)

Utrophia DJs

tonypoland (slutty fringe)

*Please note: The Keep Up! website is currenly going through a rather lengthy spring clean, hence it’s not quite up to date. A current website is due to drop any day now, brimming with all upcoming dates and podcasts including Jazzman Gerald recorded live at one of their previous nights!!

3 Responses to “Sunday Djing Runnings”

  1. Invisible A Says:


    Having had a bit of a weird summer, we’re getting our arses in gear and getting things organised again.

    You can also catch us in Clapham on Friday night, and Brixton on Saturday

  2. niceness!

    say ellooo to casper for me.

    : D

  3. sluttyfringe Says:

    who is casper?


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