Three mp3s for A Friday Part Two

July 28, 2006

Husky Rescue – Summer Time Cowboy (Implosion Quintet remix)

Original track by Husky Rescue (c) Catskills Records. Additional performance and production by Implosion Quintet. Sourced from Akanda

Husky Rescue are perhaps my favourite band to come out of the explosion of Scandinavian music that was heralded by Royksopps unlikely mastering of the UK pop charts. Coming out of Helsinki, Finland, the Husky first came to my attention through several discreet and eery sounding 10 inches released on the Catskills imprint in 2003. Since then they have released a debut longplayer, Country Falls, with a follow up promised soon.

This remix of Summertime Cowboy was submitted by the rather special Implosion Quintet for the Catskills edition of the Akanda remix competition. Akanda is an excellent website that offers unsigned artists the chance to remix established artists from splendid labels such as Compost, Ninjatune, Cook Shop and Hospital. The Implosion Quintet remix is without doubt my favourite remix of the many that were submitted.


Husky Rescue – News on upcoming tours and releases
Catskills Records – Home to Husky Rescue, Bushy, Aldo Vanucci and more
Akanda – current remix competition is Ben Mono on Compost Recordings
Implosion Quintet – lots more implosion quintet musical niceness here

Only Freak – Can’t Get Away (Solid Groove Remix)

Dave “Solid Groove” Taylor has been killing it with his wonky house sound for several years now (just check his remix credentials here) and he is especially hot sauce right now. The Switch monster A Bit Patchy still gets regular play from me and the budding partnership with young buck Sinden has seen releases on Atlantic Jaxx and a new record label, Counterfeet, which had already served up a tasty EP and promises future releases from Radioclit.

This remix is taken from the Belgian outfit Only Freaks release of Can’t Get Away (From Your Love) on Freerange Records last year. Itself a cover of an old Carol Williams disco track from 1982, the Solid Groove remix retains the female vocals but adds the trademark fat beats and wonky bass.

You can purchase this release and much more recommended Freerange goodness Here

Rappers Delight Club – The First Ladies Anthem

Man like Hint hooked me up with this music project which undoubtedly will be the best thing you hear this year. Download this mp3, visit their myspace page, listen to the other tracks (Hum is especially good) be their friend, leave glowing comments, tell your friends about them!

4 Responses to “Three mp3s for A Friday Part Two”

  1. jeej Says:

    That Rappers Delight Club are getting a serious amount of press coverage now. Kids rapping over Sufjan Stevens eh? Whodathoughtit?

  2. Invisible A Says:

    Saw this when Hint first sent it round, and the tracks are excellent.

    (and hello jeej, our paths cross again)

  3. jeej Says:

    Indeed they do, has the world ever been smaller?

  4. you say the nicest things… 😉

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