Shouty Girl Music

August 3, 2006

Dead Disco

Having recently been introduced to the excellent sounds of Dead Disco (above) it struck me that I really do like a bit of shouty girl music, So I decided to post up a selection of this genre I just made up, so that you too can appreciate it!

Dead Disco – Automatic The splendid and OnPointFarTooBloodyOften Headphone Sex posted up some Dead Disco at the weekend and I have been dying to hear more of their music ever since! (It transpires that I missed them play at the Dublin Castle on Tuesday as I was too busy feeling sorry for myself after a long weekend!!!)

I think they are great because the singer Victoria likes to wear sexy party frocks at gigs (take note Lily Allen!) and their music has nice dirty basslines – Automatic is their next single, which is getting released on Fierce Panda this month. Check out the Dead Disco Niceness here and be sure to buy Automatic when it is released. Check their Myspace for more Dead Disco shaped splendidness.

Bonde Do Role – Melo Do Tabaco (Pirate Soundsystem’s Girls On Pills Remix) This is my favourite of the slew of remixes that have surfaced on the mad decent website over the past few months – check here for more info on the Pirate Soundsystem and go to MadDecent in the vain hope of info on when they are releasing their next bloody EP!!!

New Young Pony Club – Ice Cream This lot have recently signed a deal with the splendid Modular record label, and make the kind of bold, sassy electronic pop that makes girls dance like Brigitte Bardot and boys dribble and go weak at the knees. Having picked up their early releases on the magnificent Tirk imprint and played them out, this is a summation I wholeheartedly agree with! Ice Cream is their first release on Modular and it’s excellent! New Young Pony Club will be playing at TDK Cross Festival at the end of August, I suggest you buy some tickets for it if you are not braving Carnival.

Spektrum – Horny Pony Spektrum didn’t really follow through after their initial success with Freakbox and Kinda New (heavy Tiefscwarz remix innit) with the debut LP Enter The Spektrum not justifying the media hype. However they have returned sounding excellent, Horny Pony being a delectable slice of punk funk dancefloor filthyness. I suggest you seek out the Greg Wilson remix which is also rather tasty! You can buy Horny Pony here.

Robots In Disguise – The DJ’s Got A Gun! These girls are great, I picked up the Tummy Touch 12″ this track was released on for the cover of You Really Got Me, but dancefloor reaction to The Dj’s Got A Gun! has given it a special place in my heart. They released their debut album, Get Rid!, this year on Recall Records and you really should buy it, purchase it here for example. They also appeared in one of my favourite episodes of The Mighty Boosh, Electro, as two psycho electro girls – Props!! See the Robots in Disguise perform at The Secret Garden Party this month.



2 Responses to “Shouty Girl Music”

  1. Angie Says:

    you are correct sir

  2. sluttyfringe Says:

    heheh er could you tell me what i’m correct about?

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