Some Things To Interest You

August 9, 2006

good fringe yo!

Trevor Jackson, Head honcho of Output Records and probably the most lauded of graphic designers within the realm of music has put a shedload of mixes and examples of his artwork pon his website – I particularly like the Playgroup Party Mix

Touch here for the goodness

Discobelle has the musical hotness cranked up way beyond VERYFUCKINGHOT with new Cassius, Mos Def, Mr Flash, a cheeky bit of mp3 slicing involving Diplo and Gnarls Barkley and Cassie goodness (oh my, what lips!)

Big Stereo has a great mix from Tronik Youth posted up (thanks to BigStereo for the Hot Status too)

R.I.P. To Detroit Is For Lovers, one of the best dance music blogs out there

Some Podcast Bizniz

My favourite record label at the moment, Modular Records, mostly because they have signed New Young Pony Club, more on them later…. have a great wee podcast thing going, check it here.

Fluokids have some podcast heat too – Their blog also contains a high ratio of pictures of hot girls to music related posts which is an approach I wholeheartedly salute!!

Stones Throw Records have been throwing up some podcasthiphopheat of late, the Madlib 45s mix was especially good. Check it here and also grab the Peanut Butter Wolf Chrome Children mix.

I’ve already given Numbers out of Glasgow some love on these here pages, but you need to be checking out the North South Divide podcasts as they bring the Heat bigtime.

Incidentally Feadz, Uffie and Errorsmith tore up the Glasgow Arts School Union by all accounts last friday as this photo testifies!

newyoungponyclub.jpgA quick note to say New Young Pony Club have been asked to perform Ice Cream on Channel 4 music programme Transmission which is excellent exposure for them! Check the show when it airs this friday at 11:35pm

Soon Come: Rosemary and The Fire and Reason (Bella Bella!!) EP reviews, some exclusive wrongtom shit, Hint remix of Nelly Furtado and hopefully a Recloose feature including a rather excellent mixtape he has done!

photo at top provided by the ever so talented katemoross

5 Responses to “Some Things To Interest You”

  1. sluttyfringe Says:

    hahaha and I love the Fluokids!

  2. fluokids Says:

    cool, lets make love

  3. Martin Says:


    Thanks for the love, much appreciated.

    Btw, we also love Fluokids!

  4. sluttyfringe Says:

    slutty fringe has mad love for the discobelle gang!

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