I Go Out On Saturday Night……

August 20, 2006

hello sailor

Soooooo I jus got in from djing at someone’s birthday party in Ye Olde Street, which went off, 3 hours of hipshaking music, and the first time I fully incorporated using cds into the whole mixing ting. And I know this week on slutty fringe has been sparse (One post with music and stuff but still..) So in my drunken stupor I’m posting a sunday bonanza of aural delights (or something)

Gang Of Four – Damaged Goods

Being a young buck, I didn’t get the chance to appreciate this band first time round, and I really didn’t see the point of Bloc Party so I never checked Gang Of Four when they were cited in the music press as a obvious influence on Kele and co. Then I heard the Optimo editon of How To Kill The DJ which is crammed full of Gang of Four and made me realise how fucking great they are and how waypastfuckingfashionableylateIwas on them – Now the excellent missingthumbs has pre-empted me and posted another track off Entertainment so I know I have to post Damaged Goods because its splendid!!

Buy Entertainment here

MSTRKRFT – Work On You

I finally got to hear the MSTRKRFT LP, it’s great buy it when it is released. Until then you can have this track which featured on the CutCopy FabricLive mix.

Munk feat, James Murphy – Kick Out The Chairs (Replayed by WhoMadeWho)

My favourite remix of the past few years – No More Needs To Be Said!

Theo Parrish – Falling Up (m4a. file)

The Carl Craig remix has been blogged nuff – and rightly so cos its proper 4amMDMA’edOffYerFaceInAClubMusic – But the original has so much more charm (check the wonky percussion) that I have to share it!

Theres been a glut of theo parrish vinyl repressed over the past few weeks – gobble it up here or here

Curtis Mayfield – (Don’t Worry) If There’s a Hell Below We’re All Going to Go

I just got Curtis Live and listening to it makes me wish I had the opportunity to see the man in concert, even on some headphones you can’t help get caught up in the funk (Also, Curtis’ between song banter reminded me of Bill Cosby in the House Of Cosbys a show which is no more sadly)

Kelis Feat. Andre 3000 – Millionaire

The new Kelis album seems to be dividing opinion – those who like to shake hips are loving the tracks that are out there while others are perturbed by album credits for Will.I.Am and Too $hort – I’m slapping up a track from her last LP which was ripe for a re-edit, 3 and a half minutes was not enough running time for this slice of Slick Rick sampling genius from Andre 3000

Exchange your hard earned for Kelis’ new Album here

New Young Pony Club – Get Dancey

I have gone on at great length about how amazing New Young Pony Club are (those without social lives would have caught their performance of Ice Cream on C4’s Transmission on friday night) but I can’t stop listening to Get Dancey on the Cut Copy Fabric Mix (yes thats TWO mentions in one post)

at some point in the near future Modular Recordings will unveil some fresh New Young Pony Club tracks!

Sailor Girl provided by merkley

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  1. I’m grabbing now.

    cheers mister.

    : D

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