Friday Mix Special

August 25, 2006

rita rita

I figured it was about time to spread some mixtape love on Slutty Fringe

Recloose – Throwdown Mix Vol. One

Mark Rush Hour kindly passed this rather excellent mix on to me after Recloose djed in Amsterdam recently. Throwing down a lovely blend of hiphop, funk, disco, broken beat and techno, this is undoubtedly one of the finest mixes I have heard for quite some time. No semblance of a tracklist, but there is some tracks you know, some you recognise and plenty that you wish you knew.

Hot Chip – Mixture 2

Hot Chip mix cds are some mad limited pressings (sell out same day they are put on sale in phonica mad limited) the first one passed me by but I managed to snag a copy of the second one. A barometer of their dj sets, it includes lots of music I have no clue about.

Edan – Quick Party Mix

For some reason Edan’s music does very little for me – I do however like his mixtapes. Both the Fast Rap and Funky Drummer mixes were nicenice and the Quick Party Mix is just as good,with loads of old funk, rock, breaks and party tunes expertly cut and blended perfectly.

Shepdog – Recorded Live and Tipsy Mix

Freestyle Records Manager Shepdog kindly passed on this mix recorded live – a generous slice of hiphop, beats and funk. Shepdog also recommends this from some mysterious types as a guaranteed party banger – HEAT

Sum other Mix Ish

Discobelle has a rather tasty Dj Ayres (The Rub) mix posted up which is on some nice Disco/House/Electro tip and I’m sure they have plenty of other excloosive stuff to delight your ears too (in fact they’ve only bloody got two other rather nice looking mixes up!!!)

Upside Down Stupid Hat bring the mixtape rawness each and every monday and this weeks heat was especially warm – the seminal David Holmes Essential Mix broadcast from 1997 and an excellent Cap And Jones mix cramming in generous portions of B’more, hip hop, disco and electro (Best be quick though cos these particular hotcakes only be up for a few days more)

Mr Wyse – Salv40 Mix

I feel the need to spread the word on Mr Wyse’s Salv40 mix – it’s been a fixture on my ipod for a couple of months now. The mysterious Mr Wyse put it together especially for a friends 40th birthday. Words can’t really do it justice so i’m jus gonna post the link and check the tracklist here

2 Responses to “Friday Mix Special”

  1. […] Better get yo ass over to Discobelle who has a bunch of mixes from Ayres and Catchdubs. Also Slutty Fringe has some good mixes up by Hot Chip and Recloose. Also much love to Blentwell where everyday of the week is Mixtape Monday. […]

  2. mtrbrt Says:

    you can find the tracklisting for the recloose mix here:

    btw: can someone please repost a ysi-link? i was too late…

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