More Peas

September 5, 2006


Today, a selection of funk…..

Earth, Wind & Fire – Sweet Sweetback’s Theme

This is taken from the soundtrack to Melvin Van Peeble’s seminal 1971 film Sweet Sweetback’s Badasssss Song though I first heard it on some blaxploitation funk comp I got from Borderline Records in Brighton that soundtracked my early university days. It’s a lovely piece of laidback instrumental funk, knee deep in hand claps and woozy trumpets and is far removed from the Disco I formerly knew Earth Wind & Fire for.

You can buy the DVD of Sweet Sweetback’s Badasssss Song here and grab the OST here

The Rebirth – Evil Vibrations

This track is taken from volume 4 of the Rewind series released on Ubiquity and has remained in my record box since its release. The Rewind series which has current artists reinterpret old songs can be a bit hit and miss, a is the nature of covers, but this Rebirth version of the Mighty Riders hits the spot perfectly.

Peeps in the US can buy the Rewind series direct from Ubiquity here and UK based reader can get their stuff here

The JB’s – More Peas

I love this track sooooooo much, for me the finest example of James Brown and his friends messing around and having fun with their instruments. it makes me wish I saw James Brown and the J.B.’s in their prime as opposed to watching James Brown grunt and leer at his backing singers on a rainy sunday at Glastonbury in 2004.

You can get a whole rack of James Brown & the JBs stuff from Fat City

Kashmere Stage Band – Scorpio

This is taken from the 2cd anthology of this amazing school funk band from texas that was recently released on Stones Throw off shoot Now Again. I’m not gonna try and overflex my journaslistic abilities by attempting to retell their story, instead I suggest you go here to listen to a interview with the Kashmere Stage Band Master Conrad Johnson and Now Again label big cheese Egon.

You can purchase this excellent release right hurrr

2 Responses to “More Peas”

  1. jeej Says:

    I’ve got a copy of More Peas by Fred Wesley and the J.B.’s, it’s bout 13 mins long, is that the same one? I also have the album Funky Good Time: The Anthology by the J.B.’s, the certainly know how to rock the funky beat.

    As for Scorpio, what a tune! Did you see it at the end of 40 Year Old Virgin? Classic stuff.

  2. yush thats the one – is nice yes

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