Sum Otha Ish

September 6, 2006

thats the fringe thats the fringe

Fat Freddys Drop are soon to release a bumper edition of theircritically acclaimed lp, Based On A True Story. Included is a bonus DVD that has loads of footage from their 2006 tour, music videos and much more. You can check a sneak glimpse of it here

Man like Jeej recently opened up an interesting discourse on the current state of this old blogging game at his always insightful Just Like Music Blog – It certainly cast some doubt in my mind as to whether I should post the Snoop Dogg collaboration from the new Timberlake album (I really do love it!)

Brazilian Girl Sweat band Cansei de Ser Sexy make their London debut @ 93 Feet East this upcoming weekend courtesy of the excellent Adventures Close To Home.

Having garnered encouraging reports of their recent Nottingham Gig (props to the Crane!) I can recommend that you saunter down Brick Lane for it.

The ACTH have also got a veritable mob of hubba girl djs playing in the Pink Room. And it goes on to 3am, the best time of morning to get your salt beef and mustard bagels down Brick Lane.

Will ‘ACTH’ has also mixed together a rather tasty selection of tracks that you can download here

Debonaire girls smoking was taken from the excellent Cobra Snake site

One Response to “Sum Otha Ish”

  1. jeej Says:

    Ha ha, by all means post whatever tracks you like mate! Just know where your sudden influx of hits will be coming from! 😛

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