While I Should Be Sleeping…..

September 10, 2006

What you say bout my momma?

Later today I’m off to the Brick Lane Festival which should be fun – Also be talking cheese with a Bar in the Ye Olde Street vicinity about putting on a new DAM night which is rather exciting what what. Heres a couple of triple dope mixes for your ears cos i’m in a grand old mood

Cut Copy – An Evening With Cut Copy

This is a very rare promo mix done for a clothing label – Its along the same lines as the Fabric Mix Cut Copy have just recently put together which is one of my favourite releases this year. Those of you who are smart enough to own that will love this!!


those of you who are all umm and ahhh about purchasing the fabric mix get on the download – you will want the fabric mix after listening to this

Swag – While You Were Sleeping

One of my favourite mixes from last year, a very nice selection of wonky disco house sounds – if your ears warm to it then check the Swag website for lots more nicenice mixes

Jon Carter – Essential Mix 4

I used to cane this mix when it came out a whole decade ago – and it still sounds great now. Peep the track listing here

Other Mixes You Should Check

it seems everytime I post up some mixes, Discobelle have some up that are so much goddamn hotter yes – They gots a Cosmo Baker mix as part of their Mixin’ It Up Series and some Scottie B neat heat – go seek!

The recent news that The DFA gang are embarking on a DJ tour of North America to promote the forthcoming DFA Remixes: Chapter 2 has reminded me that you can still get all the seven shades of splendid Radio Mixes for nowt here

The Shit Robot and Juan Mclean mixes are especially nice

You should be checking Resident Advisor podcasts for some nice squelchy house mixes – I got the Maurie Fulton mix which is top notch.

7 Responses to “While I Should Be Sleeping…..”

  1. jeffcapeshop Says:

    what’s the track at 17 minutes? sounds very familiar but i’m useless with track names..

  2. jeffcapeshop Says:

    sorry, 27 minutes..

  3. jeffcapeshop Says:

    of the cut copy mix, christ i’m shit.

  4. jeffcapeshop Says:

    actually a tracklist of the entire second half would be nice.. this is good!


  5. shane Says:

    Just a quick note to tell you that your blog is fucking slammin’. I just subscribed to the RSS. Keep bringin’ it!

  6. sluttyfringe Says:

    JCS – I know this track too and the name is also escaping me!

    Shane – many thanks for the kind words, I will endeavour to continue as before!


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