Oh No Not Him Interview

September 13, 2006


Oh Not Not Him took some time off recording his debut album to kindly answer some questions for Slutty Fringe

Where does your name originate from?

My friends mum used to say it when I went round to his house. She was a bit uptight but I kind of fancied her as well. It sort of stuck in my head, then I used it in a song and thought it would be a good moniker.

What is the title of your debut lp and what can we expect?

Its called Dumb N Bass and you can pretty much expect that. Dumb lyrics and bass heavy beats. There are songs about getting your trainers knicked and having to walk home barefoot in the rain , annnoying people on the bus by singing along to your walkman, bizarre sexual encounters, celebrity culture, losing your life and mind to computer games, oh and of course my friends mum.

Are there any artists in particular that influence both your music and style of singing/rapping?

I always have this big list of names that I reel off when people ask me what my influences are but I dont really sound like any of them. Fleetwood Mac are a good example. And 2 Unlimted. Though to be honest I probably sound quite a lot like them.

Who would you like to work with in the future?

Probably Liars. I think There’s Always Room On The Broom is amazing.

I very much enjoyed your performance at Bardens Boudoir – you don’t seem afraid to mooch among the crowd whilst performing, though I’m sure some of the haircuts there were a bit scared – Where are the best and worst gigs you have done and why?

The best one was probably Paris in the summer. They didnt have a clue what I was saying but they went crazy anyway. They wouldn’t let me get off stage, I had to keep playing songs. I ran out pretty quickly because I dont really have that many songs.

The worst one… well to be honest I’ve cleared the room on more than one occasion.

I’m digging the sports casual look you have going on – Is that purely for stage or do you rock a luminous yellow sun visor when you are getting some potato waffles from iceland?

Yeah I keep it real 24/7. Actually some of the stuff I wear on stage is handmade. It will be available on the internet to buy and wear soon.

You also dj, what kind of music would we get from the Oh No Not Him Soundsystem?

Liars mixed up with Uk Apache.

What did you want to be as a kid?

I was quite serious when I was very young. According to my mum I wanted to be an architect. I dont remeber this, plus I am crap at maths so it doesnt matter anyway.

What is your favourite pie?


If you were a Proffesional Wrestler what name would you go by?

Actually when I was a kid we used to play wrestling at breaktime at school but then James Hold ripped his own ear off after he got it caught on his Casio watch. I dont know it happended exactly but it was pretty gruesome. We werent allowed to play it anymore after that. I always used to be The Ultimate Warrior though obviously for copyright reasons I doubt I would be able to call myself that.

What rubbish records do you still own for sentimental reasons?

We All Stand Together by Paul McCartney and the Frog Chorus. I once had a fist fight with my older brother about who owned the record. He won but I seem to have ended up with it some how.

What five songs/tracks are pleasing your ears and feet at the moment?

Triceratops by Drop The Lime
Wine And Dine by Man Like Me
Neet Chic by Goldielocks
Volume Adjust by Niyi
Solta O Frango by Bondo De Role

Can you name your favourite slutty fringe?

Oh definitely the girl with dark hair in The Pipettes.


Oh No Not Him releases You’re Just A Dick on Natural Shy Records at the start of October – It will be available on mad ltd white vinyl and for download. An album will follow early next year

Check his myspace for music and details of a few gigs in September up north

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  1. jeej Says:

    Brilliant interview mate, nice work. 🙂

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    This is a great blog you got here. The theme looks nice, awesome color combination.

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