Words from the Wrong ‘un

September 15, 2006


mr wrongtom just delivered a nicenice remix of Robots In Disguise to slutty fringe and stopped long enough to answer a few questions – check it

You seem quite prolific on the remix front at the moment, can you reveal any future relicks that will see the light of day shortly?

There’s loads in the pipeline, i’m just finishing off an uptempo one for a band called legs on sale from LA, there’s a couple more dubbed out versions i’ve done with the stoneleigh mountain rockers for the ripps on catskills and jay bharadia on lumenessence, plus i’ve done a couple of versions of an old bob n marcia song which’ll hopefully come out on trojan next year. There’s also some talk of satanic crunk with a remix of geoff barrow’s new signings, blood island raiders.

And whats the haps on the original production front? Is there a particular musical direction you see yourself going down?

I’m all backed up with plans for my own stuff, trouble is i’m all over the shop genre-wise, but i’ve got some house tempo material almost ready to go, i’m trying to make an album which’ll take in the sort of stuff i play out so we’re talking ragga, synth pop, latin, chicago house etc. god knows if it’ll fit together but it’s worth a go.

There’ll be some straight up reggae business with the stoneleigh mountain rockers too, and i’m just finishing off a kind of mixtape/album which is a more elaborate version of some of the 4 deck stuff i’ve put together in the past.

Will we ever be lucky enough to be graced with a Wrong Distance long player? Fat Bottom Girls kills me every time I hear it.

Wrong Distance is an awkward beast to tame, there was mention of covering “where’s me jumper?” by sultans of ping FC but it’s complicated as we’ve both got a lot of stuff on at the moment, u know, watching youtube, personal hygiene and stuff.

Your love of Phoebe Cates is well documented – do you think you could take Kevin Kline down in a fight over her affections?

There’s no point getting negative, i don’t think it’d come to that, i’m sure the fact that they’re together proves that he’s an all round great guy, i still maintain the fact that i saw her first though – kev just doesn’t seem like your average gremlins fan you know?

Whats your tea of choice?

I’ve just cut down on my tea intake, maybe one day it’ll be just water and rice cakes but i’m still partial to a good old yorkshire brew. Peppermint tea is a nice subsitute when i need to get to sleep before 6am too.

Care to share any Hard Fi tour secrets?

shaddupayaface is a tour bus singalong favourite.



Robots In Disguise – La Nuit (toute la nuit avec wrongtom)

This is a killer remix – I couldn’t stop listening to it when I first heard it, some proper bassline nicety, is madexclusive too as the single is not released until November

To get a further taste of the wrongtom remix, I suggest you purchase the shiny new Uncharted Audio compilation Idea Hoard Uncut which contains a speshul dub refix of the track Knob by label boss Kone – R, as well as artists such as Cursor Miner and LJ Kruzer.

You can get in mp3 format now from Bleep or wait till the 9th October to get the album on cd. There is also a 12″ sampler released the same day. Available in all good record shops what what.

Check Robots in Disguise on myspace

Check here for info on wrongtom’s dj runnings and here for his stoneleigh mountain rockers project

Touch here to peep the wrong distance songs – Fat Bottom Girls!!

Those that live down Brighton way should head down to Above Audio where wrongtom will be joining Catskills boss jonnyreggae behind the decks for a night of splendid music yes yes

Soon come on slutty fringe – A Dead Disco gig review and some sick wonky sounds from Milano

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