Dead Disco @ Stylish Riots – 333. Old St

September 18, 2006

Victoria Dead Disco

So on Friday I sauntered down Old Street to catch Dead Disco at the Stylish Riots jump off at 333. Having quite clearly stated my affections for the Dead Disco girls in the past, I was very excited about the chance to see them perform live. And it seems everyone else there was a certified Dead Disco fan judging by how cramped the 333 basement got as the preceding act, The Video Nasties, played a rather noisy set which seemed to go down very well amongst the asssmbling crowd. As did the rather incongrouous crunk and bmore set the dj played while Dead Disco were keeping us waiting (Props to the dj for having to persist with an itchy pioneer cdj for the duration too)

When the girls finally did pick up and play they did not dissapoint at all, turning up the heat a fair few notches in the basement and getting the crowd dancing and hollering. I have to point out that Victoria, as well being very sexy (wearing a hot frock that had all the boys swooning and all the girls green with envy AND she gots a hottt west yorkshire accent what what!) is also a very impressive front woman, jumping on the rails on the stage and generally vibing up the crowd somewhat.

In fact the band as a whole are incredibly tight performers live, showcasing some shiny new material (some of it so fresh there were no song titles) with heavy drums and nagging spiky bass lines and at one point during a song implementing a very splendid switch in tempo (these things kill me for some reason) They finished what seemed like a short set with Automatic which had the dancefloor pogoing. (apart from me as I was typing out the bones of this as a rather elongated text message incase I had alcohol induced memory loss)

So to summarise, Dead Disco are the splendids live, girls playing instuments are hothothot and I think I fancy Victoria something rotten.

Sadly I didn’t get to check any of the other acts in the other rooms as I had to scoot over to Angel to catch Moneyshot and his bol, Kovas, play some records which was very good yes.

Check Dead Disco on myspace for details of forthcoming gigs

Grab Automatic from Piccadilly Records

Victoria Dead Disco photo provided by Lalalalaetitia




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