I Gots That News

September 18, 2006

First up, Big Dada have signed Wiley!

big dada

Press release says:

Big Dada is very pleased to announce that Wiley has joined the label. We’re sure grime’s greatest maverick needs very little intro, but he’s the founding father of the mighty Roll Deep and the man many credit with starting the scene itself. We’re incredibly pleased and excited to have such a UK pioneer join us. As for Wiley, he had the following to say…

‘I think it’s good because all my life I’ve been looking for a creative control, to make an album that I’ll enjoy listening to and performing… a grime album that I really want to make!

The debut album for BD is set for next year, but for now you can download a taster of Wiley’s latest mixtape right here!

Slutty Fringe says: Is the fantastic news yo! And continues big dada’s penchant for scooping up the musical hot sauce a la diplo, new flesh, ttc, spank ro (list go on an on)

NYPCNew Young Pony Club have finally unleashed the Ice Cream

Yep, The Ice Cream EP pon Modular is out in in shops this week and it has remix action by DJ Medhi and Comets aka one third of cut copy plus some new songs on both vinyl and cd format – head over to Piccadilly records to pick it up. I would also recommend heading over to the Mock and Toof myspace page as they’ve recently posted up their own spaced out disco remix of Ice Cream which is suitably fine!

I do hope Tahita recovers from her croaked out voice soon, I was mighty dissapointed when I heard they had to pull out of performing at White Heat last week.

Other new records that are causing a bit of a stir round my way include the new Speaker Junk ep , the Alice Smith remix 12″ on BBE (Maurice Fulton and Freeformreform? Nice! the bassline on the freeform mix is quite special) The Presets “Are You the One?” on International Deejay Gigolos (tuff SMD remix) Swallow by My Robot Friend on Soma, the new TM Juke ep (if the forthcoming lp sounds as good as this then it’ll be a certified killer!) The new Rapture lp and the Lack of Afro 12′ on Freestyle

And in a rather subtle segue, if you like the Lack of Afro record I suggest you head over to The Root Down to savour some fine mixed musical delights courtesy of Lack of Afro and his rootdown cohorts, Pinks and Heavy Stylus. The recently added rootdown live mix by heavy stylus is very speshul indeed!

Finally, man like Spanner from Stuff Records out of Glasgow recently sent a lovely mix by Jackmaster from the Stuff DJ Fam and he said I could share it so thats what i’m doing. Theres no semblance of a tracklisting but its a bmore meets electro affair and includes some surkin, drexciya, justin timberlake, spank rock and a healthy dose of obscure baltimore house

Listen/Download it hurr

2 Responses to “I Gots That News”

  1. jeej Says:

    I dunno man, call me old fashioned, but I’ve never been a fan of esky beat (these days known more as grime!), so finding it hard to get excited bout this one.

  2. mary ann Says:

    more speaker junk! thanks for the tip.

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