September 21, 2006


Despite being a member for several years now, I’ve only recently begun to browse the extensive band section of myspace

so it came as more than a pleasant suprise whilst searching in vain for the Solid Groove/Switch myspace (please if there is one, someone point in the right direction)when I stumbled upon the Crookers. Two fellas out of Milano who are making the same kind of sick bass heavy wonky house music typified by the counterfeet/dubsided/speaker junk camp which is killing it in London right now.

They very kindly sent me some music that they have been working on, all of which is 100% splendid, there was a couple of tracks for a promo mixtape they are putting together which features some Italian MCs which sounds vee vee promising plus a couple of tracks off their forthcoming EPs, The Get It on Reckless Records 002 and End 2 End on P Records.

They also included a rather tasty Crookers Reeeemix of Bossy by Kelis which i’m posting up – check their myspace for more of their music though, Atomic Baile Boy is fricking off the hook


Kelis – Bossy Recrooked


Crookers Myspace

Crookers Website

One Response to “Crookers”

  1. Hauser & Quaid Says:

    Check out speaker junk or herve on myspace and sinden is on their friends list. I don’t think there is a solid groove space but that’s just sinden and switch. Hope this helps.

    I’m also loving the bass havey garage/tech house cross over.

    Check out kissy sell out too !

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