I Like This

September 30, 2006


Here’s a selection of tracks from recent albums which I’ve ben enjoying and that you should be grabbing

Dr Who Dat? – Braziliant Thought

This is from Jneiro Jarel’s recent album on Lex, The Beat Journey, which is on a madlib blunted jazzhop tip.

I been checking Jarel since I heard the Big Bounce Theory on Kindred Spirits a few years back and The Dr Who Dat? album seems to have finally given Jarel the critical acclaim his talent deserves. Braziliant Thought is probably my favourite from the album – Cop it at Piccadilly Records

The Rapture – Whoo! Alright-Yeah…Uh Huh

The new lp is tight, I like listening to it as it reminds me of hogging the jukebox in Max Fisch, and dancing to House Of Jealous Lovers with a hot girl called Karen. This track produced by Ewan Pearson is a definite highlight for me.

No doubt everyone and their cousin has Pieces of The People We Love already, but all the uncles should be getting it too at Piccadilly Records

Cassius – Jack Rock

15 Again is a really good album apart from a rather shoddy track featuring Pharrell, and Jack Rock is certainly the outstanding track for me – its all wonky acid squiggles, rave keys and whistles.

Cop the lp cheap here and look out for the Toop Toop remixes which are released on Monday.

Clark – Vengeance Drools

I remember hearing some mad cut up hiphop track called Roughage by Chris Clark that featured on the first Tru Thoughts When Shapes Join Together comp back in 99 which really got my attention, so I had to check his latest album, Body Riddle on Warp Records, which gets released on Monday.

Vengeance Drools is very much in a similar vein to the Roughage track, a heavy heavy beat, some nice tinkling keys and scattered riddims. Head over to Word for a much better review of the album than a putz like me could ever piece together (check the fuggin great DJ Shadow lp review too)

Go buy Body Riddle bobby digital styles at BleepBleep or cop it on CD/Vinyl at Boomkat

Bonobo – Transmission 94 (Parts 1 & 2)

The new Bonobo album, Days To Come, may turn out to be one of the best releases on Ninjatune in quite some time (it might edge itself in front of the Daedalus lp which my ears have been loving plenty this year) the collaborations with Bajka and Fink work really well and the production is very very nice. I’m liking this track because it has a lovely melody, catchy horns and some nice dusty drum breaks.

Days To Come is released on Monday – go get @ Piccadilly

Justin Timberlake feat Snoop Dogg – Pose

See i think this track is brilliant, I thought Signs was a great pop record and this collaboration from the Future Sex/Love Sounds album is every bit as good. I’m hoping this comes out as a single as I would love to play it out when djing in places without cdjs. You can cop the album absolutely everywhere

Mira Ladytron twiddling knobs taken by photoflygirl

3 Responses to “I Like This”

  1. pickleshane Says:

    I love the photograph 🙂

  2. sluttyfringe Says:

    yeah man – mira ladytron is the hotness

  3. Martin Says:

    Toop Toop with remixes can be found here:



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