Veez is for Very Loud

October 3, 2006

Veez singer Shay

So on Friday I ventured deep into South East London Suburbia (Lee Green if you must know) to go for a ruby to bid a close friend farewell (moving lock, stock and barrel to Co. Antrim) and we decided to go for a few drinks after at the nearest establishment, this being Dirty South supposedly the premiere live music venue in SE London.

It was a pleasant surprise to find a rather good band by the name of The Veez performing a very loud and enjoyable set which the assembled mixture of skinny jeans and Millwall fans had no qualms about dancing to.

I couldn’t really vouch for the quality of singer Shay Phibbs songwriting as the soundman seemed to be having a bad night but she can belt out a tune and certainly likes the stage, shaking her money maker and hair along to the spiky guitars and straddling speakers and the like (and she also reminded me of Vince Noir for some reason??). The entire band were very tight in fact, with new single Rockstar finishing off their raucous set to generous whoops and applause.

Further investigating into the band has turfed up the most impressive facts that their first gig was as support to Hawkwind in Bournemouth in 2004 a mere two weeks after the band line up was completed – The ‘wind were suitably impressed enough to ask The Veez to help complete their tour. Last year they also headlined the Guardian Media Lounge stage at Glastonbury.

Check The Veez on myspace for some nicenice music – and watch out for Rockstar which gets released later this year of Caned and Able Records

London kids can catch them at Madame JoJos on the 18th of this month

The Veez @ KOKO taken by Gregory Nolan

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