I’ll Have A Poke*

October 12, 2006

tahita pony club

New Young Pony Club are my favourite band: Official!!!

Soon the rest of the world will feel similarly, later this month they are travelling the UK as support for the ubiquitous Lily Allen, and their debut lp is scheduled for release early next year.

Their first release on Modular Recordings, Ice Cream, came out last month with a couple of rather nice remixes and some shiny new material some of which I am posting up for you to treat your ears and dancing feet to! Descend I love particularly, it is proper Disco Punk for your Trunk


New Young Pony Club – Ice Cream (DJ Medhi Mix)

New Young Pony Club – Descend

If you don’t fancy catching NYPC showing up Lily Allen then you have the opportunity to catch them at a secret Modular jump off in East London on the 18th of November alongside Van She with MSTRKRFT and Simian Mobile Disco providing the party shakers.

If you haven’t already, you best friend up Modular UK on myspace to get the full details on what should be a fuggin great night what what. I’ll be there, brandishing a sharp rum and coke admiring the slutty fringe.

As usual, Phonica Records will allow you a physical copy of these great songs in exchange for uk pounds

*poke is Belfast slang for a 99 with a flake in case you were wondering

post edit

head over to Acid Girls who have a guitar heavy Van She remix of Ice Cream posted up – splendid!

12 Responses to “I’ll Have A Poke*”

  1. chewy Says:

    i love mehdi and now i am sad because this link has expired, whats a boy to do??

  2. robin Says:

    hi, if possible could you please re-up the medhi remix? new young pony club are officially my favourite band too, thanks in no small part to your blogging about them. as such, the idea of a mehdi remix is enough to almost blow my mind, and i’d love to hear it. thanks!

  3. sluttyfringe Says:

    hey Robin

    I just tried to email you and shit bounced right back, hit me up at my gmail address and I’ll send you a little present back

  4. david_boring Says:

    Hey hey, please please if you could email me the DJ Mehdi remix (or perhaps even put it up again??) I will be much obliged…thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!

  5. bollo Says:

    hey i would love the mehdei remix too if possible
    a link would be great as hotmail is not.

    thank you please.

  6. dave Says:

    hate to add myself to the chorus line of people, but could you possibly re-up this? What a combination, i must must hear this!

  7. bollo Says:

    muchos nachos my northern friend

  8. nick Says:

    please! someone send me the songs! i’m sad they’re not hosted up there w/ a new link. 😦

  9. sluttyfringe Says:

    poppa http://www.discobelle.net/ has all the NYPC Ice Cream remixes posted up

  10. nick Says:

    ah! thank you. your blog is really nice. you& bigstereo are my favorites.

  11. sluttyfringe Says:


    thanks for the props chap

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