Show Some Love People

October 14, 2006

Man like Headphone Sex writes one of the most on the ball and informative music blogs out there (check his 6th place in the 2006 BT Digital Music Awards Best Music Blog Category for proof)

He has just begun a campaign to help rasie money for a charity called Dans Fund For Burns that was set up by a survivor of the Bali bombings and helps fund treatment for burns victims in the UK and abroad. Headphone Sex is asking people to send him some unwanted cds he can auction off and hopefully raise £1,ooo.

More details here – Doowit! Show some love people!

2 Responses to “Show Some Love People”

  1. wow, thanks for offering up all that booty Tony! That sounds amazing!

    And thanks for the link / shout as well. I’ve had a great response so far, so i’m very hopeful i’ll be able to raise a decent amount of money.

    Also I just realised that I don’t have you linked from my site, which is a massive oversight as I check in here often. Consider my wrists slapped.

  2. sluttyfringe Says:

    hey no worries – all for a good cause what what!

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