Spektrum – Don’t Be Shy

October 21, 2006

I played at a party in Bethnal Green last night- wicked venue, a disused pub with a basement that turns into a proper sweatbox when they have a jumpoff – and absolutely smashed it for an hour and a half (despite several record jumping incidents)

Starting with some daft punk mixed in with Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock through a dirty bit of timberlake, heatwave reggae boots, rex the dog remix of the knife, some stooges, kinks, finishing off with some hollertronix and counterfeet related shakers, the last track being the speakerjunk remix of Don’t Be Shy by Spektrum which is probably my favourite track right now – love the way they have used the titty lyric.

Anyway the video for the original mix is splendid, props to Big Stereo for putting me onto this! Can’t wait for Fun At The Gymkhana Club to drop

4 Responses to “Spektrum – Don’t Be Shy”

  1. shane Says:

    any chance for a re-up of the track?

  2. icaro Says:

    i love this videoo

  3. sluttyfringe Says:


    I didn’t post the original as I don’t have a digital copy of it (vinyl only baby)

    I did post a version of the speakerjunk remix a while back but it’s not the entire track as it was taken from the forthcoming freeform five mix Bisous Bisous II

  4. shane Says:

    ah! well that’s cool. either way, thanks for getting back to me here and thanks for keeping such a fucking ace site. for reals. only problem is there’s no link to CrownDozen.com over there

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