The Teenagers

October 23, 2006


One of the more pleasant aspects of writing a music blog is all the nicenice music people nudge gently in your direction, one excellent example being French upstarts The Teenagers.

Le Gallic Hotsauce Bloggers Fluokids recently featured them along with sexxy noisey American artist Slutt (good name!) but foolishly my inability to read French put me off investigating them further. (really should have paid attention during GCSE French)

I’m grateful to a large extent then, that Poups from The Teenagers got in touch suggesting I might like his band and sent me a rather splendid madfresh new remix of the outstandingly titled Fuck Nicole (whether they share my feelings for Nicole Ritchie, I’m not sure) by Last Division. So you get to enjoy this and also the infectious Homecoming which has a brilliant chorus line.

I would also like to add that The Teenagers have struck upon a genius marketing tool of asking their female fans to send in photos of their love of the band adorning their bodies – The Teenagers, I applaud you!

It seems like we are going to hear alot more buff hype about The Teenagers, as well as being signed to the superb Slum Records (home to Paul Devro and My!Gay!Husband!) stateside, they’re currently taking advantage of all the free coke, hookers and square pie being thrown at them by giddy UK record labels eager to sign them up (this last part may be untrue) which is a good thing!


The Teenagers – Fuck Nicole (Last Division Remix)

The Teenagers – Homecoming

One Response to “The Teenagers”

  1. nick Says:

    ah! the downloads are not working. too many downloads? 😦 is there anywhere else i can get theseee?

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