Spank RoRoRoRo Remixes

October 26, 2006

creative croy

Back when I first started Slutty Fringe, the mighty Spank Rock had just released all the accapellas from their lp YoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYo on the interweb and set up a very loose remix competition which is still open to submission and has seen a slew of splendid (and some not so) refixs appear online (mostly at the Fathertronix board)

Here are a few that make me want to shake my money maker

Spank Rock – Backyard Betty (Amphibious Remix)

Spank Rock – Bump (Pink Skull Remix) – thanks to the lovely LaDecadanse for posting this a short while back

Spank Rock – Chilly Will (Bird Peterson Remix)

Spank Rock – Far Left (Audio Porno Remix) – thanks to Poppa BigStereo for this!

Spank Rock – What It Look Like (Loot Remix) – This Kills It!!


Spank Rock Website hurr and scoop the accapellas to do yer own refix hurr

Pink Skull MySpace hurr

Bird Peterson MySpace hurr – check this fella cos he is fucken splendid

Audio Porno MySpace hurr – Their Spank Rock Remix is being released on a 12″ at the start of November, cop all the details here

Loot Myspace hurr

One Response to “Spank RoRoRoRo Remixes”

  1. Ryan Says:

    hey guys just wondering if you could re-post the links for the spank rock tracks cause they have expired thanks heaps


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