Bad Up Your Betterness

October 27, 2006

Atlantic Records……….For T.I. Clearance…………….

Australian B Movie Horror Electro types The Presets release the freaked out I Go Hard, I Go Home at the start of November with some rather tasty remixes from ASCII.DISKO and The Juan Maclean (DFA).

I’m posting up the squelchy discowonk Juan Maclean refix because you can get the original track from The Presets myspace and because I like The Juan Maclean nearly as much as I like panda bears. (certainly, they are my favourite thing on dfa)

The Presets – I Go Hard, I Go Home (The Juan Maclean Remix)

Hopefully the recent sellout gigs The Presets did (check Mr Headphone Sex for a review of the ULU show with Shit Disco and Midnight Juggernauts and some natty remixes from Van She Tech & Digitalsm) will have bumped them up a few notches in the popularity stakes over here as their music certainly deserves it (when I caught them at The Delete Yourself night a few months back, Bardens was teeming with Australians)

I Go Hard, I Go Home is released on November 6th on the splendid Modular imprint

You will most likely be able to buy it here – I’m sure you can get the rather excellent album Beams by The Presets there too which is excellent for many reasons, not least because one of the Presets has the same battered Adidas indoors as me

3 Responses to “Bad Up Your Betterness”

  1. André Says:

    i´m curious! any chance for a re-up ?!

  2. sluttyfringe Says:

    the ysi link should be fixed now

  3. david_boring Says:

    ohhhh i know i’m pushing it once again, but could you please send me the file or something, please? I missed out (as always) and I really wanna hear it…thank you so much!

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