The Emperor’s Buff New Diamonds

October 30, 2006


Next Monday sees the release of Husky Rescue’s lead single Diamonds In The Sky from their forthcoming and eagerly awaited second album Ghost Is Not Real on the excellent Catskills label.

As well as the melancholy original version there are also remixes by hotly tipped wonky folk types Tunng, Norff Lundun electrorock upstarts Deaf Stereo and most exciting for me a rather splendid refix by the Emperor Machine who get better everytime my ears hear them.


Husky Rescue – Diamonds In The Sky (Emperor Machine Remix)

Watch the video for the original version here (QT)

Come November 6th you will be able to purchase the new Husky Rescue from here

2 Responses to “The Emperor’s Buff New Diamonds”

  1. punchcard Says:

    ‘ello Tony

    the linkage is broken, sadly


  2. Margareta Says:

    can you replace it? They’re my favorite band (seriously…I went to see them for my bd in Boston on August 7th and have the ticket taped to my mirror) Please replace the link

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