Blowing Up The Spot

November 1, 2006

The Blow

Paper Television, the new album from Portland based duo The Blow just dropped in my lap. I decided to get it on the back of a glowing write up on Boomkat having known nothing about them previously and it’s certainly worth the purchase!

Kaela Maricich’s vocal talents are clear from the first song, but they are backed up with some mad interesting production from Jona Bechtolt which switches between diplo, swing, devo and timbaaland. I’m tempted to say it sounds like Regina Spektor being given the hollertronix treatment (which makes me sound like a twat but hey what do I care?)

A quick peek at hype machine demonstrates how painfully behind I am on The Blow (Paper Television is their fourth album!!) but i’m just glad I’ve discovered them – this is a boss album! Here are two of my favourite tracks from the album

The Blow – The Big U

The Blow – The Long List Of Girls

Buy Paper Machine here! and check The Blow on MySpace

3 Responses to “Blowing Up The Spot”

  1. monsieur p Says:

    Jona is also involved in Lucky Dragons and most of all in his solo project YACHT ( I’ve seen him in Paris last week. Really great !!!

  2. lynton Says:

    Oh man, to my jaded ears these are some sweet sounds! Never heard of The Blow, but now I can play catch up – yay! Cheers TP!

  3. Cheers Mr P I will check yacht out

    can’t get over how great this album is

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