November 6, 2006

The Slutty Fringe Selection

The Slutty Fringe Selection kicks off with an excellent mix of weirded out 60’s/70’s psyche rock and dusty breaks from hairdressers favourite wrongtom.

Deviating to a large degree from the mixup of reggae, hiphop, spiky guitars, switched up house and buff scenester music for c*nts that he is often found playing to Hard Fi fans in rock venues, this mix demonstrates how deep his knowledge of music goes.

wrongtom says:

“The mix is dedicated to Mick Wayne who played on various Bowie and James Taylor records as well as the two tracks I included by his own band Juniors Eyes, we wasted many an afternoon chatting about the Haight in the 60’s and shit like playing Cannes for the launch of Antonioni’s Blow Up, sadly he passed away in’ 95 in a house fire but i hope a piece of his music lives on in some of my stuff as i still use his rhodes and tape echoes on loads of my tracks ”


1. Eric Burden & the Animals “San Franciscan Nights” (MGM ’67)
2. Edgar Broughton Band “The Birth” (Harvest ’71)
3. KC & the Sunshine Junkando Band “I’m Gonna Do Something Good To You” (Jay Boy ’73)
4. The Lemon Pipers “My Green Tambourine” (Buddha ’68)
5. The Tremelos “Instant Whip” (CBS ’69)
6. 13th Floor Elevators “Monkey Island” (International Artists ’66)
7. Juniors Eyes “Mr Golden Trumpet Player” (Regal Zonophone ’68)
8. Crazy Elephant “Dark Part of My Mind” (Major Minor ’69)
9. Frank N’ Stein “Tutankhamun” (Rhino ’74)
10. John Lennon “I Don’t Want To Be a Soldier” (Apple ’71)
11. Funkadelic “Good Old Music” (Westbound ’70)
12. Paul McCartney “Oh Woman Oh Why?” (Apple ’71)
13. Grateful Dead “China Cat Sunflower” (Warner Bros ’69)
14. Kathy Smith “Topanga” (Polydor ’70)
15. Julie Driscoll, Brain Auger & the Trinity “A Kind of Love In” (Marmalade ’68)
16. Jefferson Airplane “Somebody To Love” (RCA Victor ’66)
17. 13th Floor Elevators “You’re Gonna Miss Me” (International Artists ’66)
18. Juniors Eyes “Black Snake” (Regal Zonophone ’68)
19. Les Crane “A Different Drummer” (Warner Bros ’71)


The Slutty Fringe Selection Volume One: wrongtom – Vietnang


One Response to “Vietnang”

  1. shane Says:

    no problem dude, thanks for the badass music. and the link 😉

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