The Slutty Fringe Selection Vol 2: Crookers

November 13, 2006

Volume 2 of the Slutty Fringe Selection has been put together by the Crookers, the hottest thing to come out of Italy since Monica Belluci! I featured the Crookers a few months ago after discovering them on MySpace, they are producing some of the freshest sounding house music right now, being right on the whole Sinden/Speakerjunk/Switch/Dubsided wonky bassline and cut up baltimore baile funk tip but definitely with their own unique flavour.

The mix they have put together for Slutty Fringe is jam packed with their own productions – listen out for the cheeky MOR Chanteuse sample on Just Ghetto!


1. Bugz in the Attic “Don’t stop the music” (Switch rmx)
2. Crookers “Crooked to play”
3. Crookers “Get it”
4. Crookers “Brookah”
5. Beckett & Taylor “Hand on the plow” (Caro mix)
6. Bald and Beautiful “Double Dutchin”
7. Crookers “Buzz beat”
8. Andy Caldwell “Warrior” (Claude VonStroke Mix)
9. Crookers “Futurer”
10.Crookers “BumbleBees”
11.Crookers “Just ghetto”
12.Crookers “Stab X”
13.Spank Rock “Bump” (Switch mix)
14.Crookers “Atomic Baile Boy”
15.Sebastian “Walkman”
16. Crookers “Gipsy P”
17. Uffie “Ready to uff”

Download: Crookers – The Slutty Fringe Selection Vol. 2 (54 mb)

illustration by ME!

5 Responses to “The Slutty Fringe Selection Vol 2: Crookers”

  1. sluttyfringe Says:

    it appears the link for this has expired and I’m still getting a fair bit of traffic so i have REUPPPED on Zshare


  2. casp0or Says:

    Hmm … down … -.-

    Pls reupp again … XD

  3. sluttyfringe Says:

    caspoor the zshare link above seems to be in working order

    (15 odd thousand d/ls too blimey)

  4. modi Says:

    yo! slutty fringe! i need you guys to PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE e-mail me that uffie – ready to uff track for my radio show next week! this is vital! i can’t find it anywhere! hook me up please. thanks so much, and check the blog out if you get a chance!

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