Don’t be Afraid

November 16, 2006

bloggers delight!

(Apologies for the delay)

So on Sunday I got to play records at Bloggers Delight, the sunday shindig run by Casper Fluokids and Skull Juice, down at the Lock Tavern in dirty Camden. Despite the fact I was feeling battered from a hefty Saturday night on the rum and 3 hours sleep I had a very good time – it was splendid to meet Casper and the SJ kids for the first time and I also bumped into man like Headphone Sex.

Matt Walsh took over record playing duties from me and definitely managed with the sound delay problems much more proffessionally than a putz like me. I met David E Sugar who couldn’t play due to a mixup, but I was intrigued by his gameboy as instrument setup and checked his music out on myspace and he’s doing some big tings.

Unfortunately due to extenuating circumstance, neither Simian Mobile Disco nor special guest James Murphy could make it down, I’m glad personally cos I wimped out and left around 9ish due to being knackered but Skull Juice were smashing it upstairs as I was leaving – these kids are seriously tight on the 1210s and cdjs, tweaking the eqs like they were Eva Greens’s nipples. I was especially impressed with Ben Skull Juice’s sly little bootleg of A Bit Patchy by Switch which passed me by when it was posted on their blog a while back

Download – Benedict X – A Bit Boxy

During the night I also got chatting to a little firecracker of a girl who turns out to be a superb filthy mouthed vocalist going by the name of Miss Odd Kidd. It would be easy for me to compare her to Uffie cos they both like to talk dutty, spit verse over some nice nice grimey electronic sounds and are HOTT but Miss Odd Kidd definitely has her own distinctive London girlie ting going on.

She was lovely enough to send through a couple of tracks which I thibk are excellent – Motha Fucka, the collab with The Cock n Bull Kid & Goldie Locks, has a real dirty bassline and some analogue nastiness going on whilst Don’t Be Afraid has some wicked bleepy action and a proper nice synth sound that appears every so often.


Miss Odd Kidd – Don’ Be Afraid To Sweat

666 aka Miss Odd Kidd, Goldie Locks & The CockNBull Kid – Motha Fucka

I’m a try catch Miss Odd Kidd perform soon, check her Myspace page as she’s playing venues all over London Town over the next few weeks – I suggest London heads go see her too!

More pics from sunday (minus any of my pale hungoverboat race thankgod!) can be found at Dirty Dirty Dancing

9 Responses to “Don’t be Afraid”

  1. Mertz Says:

    Bit Boxy is easily in the top 5 of anything I have downloaded off of any music blog ever. I am forever in your debt for posting it. People are going to break my serato to keep me from playing it again and again.

  2. sluttyfringe Says:

    heh you should really be directing your thanks and gratitude in the direction of ben from Skull Juice as its all his work

  3. Eli Lilly Says:

    The “trick” to dealing with sound delay “problems” is to learn how to run a board in “split” headphone mode – with the mains in one ear and the cue in the other.

  4. sluttyfringe Says:

    Sounds far too technical to me…

  5. Eli Lilly Says:

    Unless you have a monitor speaker right next to you, it has to be done that way. The distance between you and the floor speakers is creating the delay (1 millisecond per ten feet). Sound travels slooooooow.

    Great blog, BTW. It’s right up there with Fluo Kids tied for #1.


  6. Alex Egan Says:

    Hey, just noticed this post, big ups! Many thanks for posting up Ben’s re-edit as well 🙂

  7. Justin Destruction Says:

    Please Please Please repost or send me the Miss Odd Kid songs. I interviewed Lady Sov last week and played her Don’t Be Afraid to Sweat. Of course she acted like she wasn’t impressed, but you could tell she knew the heat is on. A couple days later I trashed the wrong folder, and lost it. Apparently you’re the only blogger on these internets that posted these songs.

  8. Phil Says:

    Hi, this post looked so great when I found it through the hype machine so I was disappointed when I found the yousendit links had expired. I don’t suppose there is any chance of you sending me the Switch bootleg and Don’t Be Afraid file or reuploading them? I’d be so grateful if you could!


  9. sluttyfringe Says:


    my bol at electric zoo, ryan. has put up the miss odd kidd track just now, and you can still get the benedict x switch bootleg at skull juice i think

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