On The Brink Recordings

November 28, 2006

on the brink

2006 has seen the wonky house stylings of the whole Dubsided/Counterfeet/Speaker Punks fam come to the fore. People want a crazy ass remix to give their band some buff hype they call up Dave Taylor and let him rip a new shit hole in their track (refixes of Spank Rock and Bugz In The Attic are among my favourite this year)

Next year will see a new name to look out for in the shape of On The Brink Recordings with upcoming releases from Hi Jack and SF favourites The Crookers. Slutty Fringe was lucky enough to get hold of label boss Craig Walsh and discuss what exciting things On The Brink has up its sleeve over the next few months.

Slutty Fringe: On The Brink has only recently been set up – How did you come about starting your own label and what are your plans for it?

Craig Walsh: I only physically started the label this year, out of boredom really. I’ve had the idea in my head for years, but was always putting it off.

After the HiJack EP is out on 18th december, February will see an EP by The Crookers, which will feature a very special Trevor Loveys remix.

From then on, I’m aiming to release 1 EP every 2 months. I’ve got some more dope shit coming from The Crookers, HiJack are working on new material, there is a bootleg EP coming out soon as well. I’ve got a few demos to go through, one in particular from a guy in brighton, who has done a wicked jump up version of ‘jesus walks’ by kanye west. Also, there is a certain kiss fm dj, who plays the whole baltimore club ting, who may be doing a remix !!!

Hijack are responsible for the first release on the label, can you give us some more information about them?

HiJack are these two dudes from bournemouth, jon chant & dan carro. Real good guys who make endless amounts of mash-ups and bootlegs for their djs sets. I got sent the ‘Can’t Touch’ track nearly a year ago, and just loved their tight production. I had to really persuade the boys to let me release some gear from them, but we got there in the end.

You have signed Slutty Fringe favourites the Crookers, what have you got planned with them?

Their first EP ‘Made In Italy’ is coming out in february, like I said. Trevor Loveys is remixing parts from 2 of the tracks, and melting it into one.They are making some really dope heavy beats, one being a crunk mix of jamelia. and I they’re gonna be involved in the bootleg EP, so some good things are coming from the Milan camp.

Hopefully we can make the relationship long term…

Can we expect some UK DJ dates for the Crookers?

I was due to fly over to milan in january to hang out with them for a couple of days, but its probaly looking like february or march now. they do some mad fucking parties.

Once the label has established itself, im gonna do a label launch party, maybe in London, and get the crookers over, along with hijack, and have a party.

Trevor Loveys and Joshua Hervey have provided the label with some hot sauce remixes – what has the reaction been like?

Trevor’s doing some real tight shit at the moment for lots of different projects, so I’ve not yet heard what he has done for the ‘made in italy’ e.p., but in the ten years I’ve been digging his stuff, he’s never disapointed me.

Josh is probaly the most diverse and talented producer in the uk right now, if not europe. From the tomorrow people stuff he’s done, to the dubsided gear, the guy’s on fire. When he called me and offered to do the remix, I never thought I would have got back what he sent me. Thats all I can say really.

On The Brink has just started a radio show – what’s the deal with it content wise?

Its just 2 hours of music I like really. Anything is being played, I’ve got my mate to roll the spliffs and do the mic shit, so its a good crack. The show is live, as I dont seem to find the time to pre-record it.

In the next few weeks, im getting some guests to send me some 30 minute mixes, just to break it up a bit towrds the end, and also try to promote music that people wouldnt normally listen to. I’ll be like Pete Tong, only uglier.

What other labels or artists do you see as an influence?

Two major factors that changed my life, in terms of music: 1. Discovering Underground Resistance, and 2. Seeing jesse rose spin records.

In terms of labels, I like the way ‘dubsided’ do business. no promotion, no mailouts, not even a fucking website, yet people still flock by the thousands to buy a dubsided record. Amazing. Ed DMX’s label ‘breakin’ is/was a cool label. All the labels under the submerge umbrella.

As for artists, the chemical brothers are still doin it for me. I’m also really digging all those unknown dudes on the underground london scene who are booting all kinds of shit together. I like all that ‘dont divide music’ attitude. thats what im trying to enforce on the label.

So anyone out there, please send me some electroooooooo!!!!!

Also, if I can plug one thing, I have to tell you about a dj I know called Gristy. he’s in london now, so if anyone sees his name on a flyer, go and check him out. He is the dude….

If you could sign any artist to On The Brink, who would it be?

Duke Dumont is someone who excites me at the moment. he’s a dude. I fucking love his stuff. I think he pissed all over ‘when i hear music’. that boy is gonna do big things.

Feadz from the Ed Banger crew is doing some mad shit as well.

And if dubsided ever goes bust, mr harvey (if I havent kidnapped him already)



Hi Jack – Can’t Touch

Hi Jack – Hijackin’ (Herve fuck fuck remix)


On The Brink MySpace

Hi Jack MySpace

Crookers MySpace

Listen to On The Brink Radio here

15 Responses to “On The Brink Recordings”

  1. jeffcapeshop Says:

    do you know what time the radio show is on?

  2. acid girls Says:

    nice work! on the brink looks like a label to watch for 07! and keep up the good work, SF!

  3. craig walsh Says:

    cheers tony, good work. the radio show is live every thursday 8pm – 10pm uk time. peace

  4. Ry Says:

    was gonna make a mention about this label, crookers and herve in a post tonight.. but you beat me to it!!
    Ive got my eyes closely focused on this label, and im sure there’ll be some great releases in the future.

    funny though, i remember chating to Jon Chant and that Gristy dude on slsk and msn about a year ago.. glad things have gone well for them boys!!

  5. Ry Says:

    the hijackin’ link is down btw

  6. DJB Says:

    Hi. Can you re-post

    Hi Jack – Hijackin’ (Herve fuck fuck remix)

    Great tune!

  7. sluttyfringe Says:

    the link should updated for the Herve remix

  8. DJB Says:

    thank you sir!

  9. Mertz Says:

    fantastic as always. can’t wait to see what this label does. the original is returning an error, but i wouldn’t be surprised it that was just YSI acting the fool.

  10. Duke Dumont Says:

    lets talk business 🙂

  11. RY Says:

    yes sir, thank you sir!
    working now, belting track mate, Harvey is gonna blow even bigger next year..

    Get in there Duke! but make sure you put a high price on yourself! 😛

  12. lew Says:

    need this track any chance of putting it back up

    dope blog aswell ! great idea for pushing new stuff

  13. Jamey Says:

    Can you republish the :

    Hi Jack – Hijackin’ (Herve fuck fuck remix)

    Link seems to be down 😦

  14. Simon B Says:

    anyway to grab Hi Jack – Hijackin’ (Herve fuck fuck remix)??

  15. Ben Thompson Says:

    Hey. I’m well into your tunes. Just bought the Hijackin ep from Juno download. Please can you tell us where I can find the tunes you have on the Hijack Myspace?


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