Thieves Like Us

November 28, 2006

Modular Xmas party nyc style

When I stayed in New York earlier this year I rarely ventured from Manhattan cos I’m a lazy sod. On one of the few occasions I did leave, I went for a Monday night out in the Willmsburg district of Brooklyn and it was probably one of the best I had the entire month.

Me and a bunch of randoms from my hostel got some c*nt dust from a nice Columbian, played pool and drank cheep beer in a bar and then stumbled upon an amatuer Burlesque show at Galapagos Art Installation with a dj called Tikka Masala playing chart hiphop bangers inbetween the acts – shit like that makes me want to live in New York so if there’s any Brookyln Sugar Mommas out there that wanna get hitched to a cheeky scamp from London hit me up!

New Young Pony Club are touching down at the White Room in Williamsburg on December the 9th as part of their North America tour and have got the Juan Maclean (DFA) and M.A. (big ups to MaryAnn superstar DJ!) providing the hip shakers, plus this splendid band called Thieves Like Us are playing live.

Thieves Like Us are a bunch of Swedish/NYC kids who make music that is very much in the same vein as Cut Copy and Lo-Fi-Fnk, it being filtered synth disco pop with replete with looped up guitar sounds and nice melodies – its clear why Modular booked them.

Thieves Like Us – Drugs In My Body

listen to more Thieves Like Us on their myspace and buy their records from Other Music and Rough Trade

2 Responses to “Thieves Like Us”

  1. acid girls Says:

    this track has been floating around forever but has not yet gotten the attention it deserves. here’s hoping for them.

  2. brettling Says:

    love the tune… but the vocals!? … a bit pet shop boys innit.

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