Hot Sauce presents… A FETE WORSE THAN DEATH

December 15, 2006

hot sauce

Sunday 17th December
3PM till 11PM

Hot Sauce presents…

93 Feet East, 150 Brick Lane, E1



Methodist Centre

Black Daniel
Ebony Bones
Miss Odd Kidd
The Cock n Bull Kid


LJ Kruzer’s Electronic Carol Service
Le Cocteau Jaune’s Burlesque Nativity

Ice Monster (crackin skullz)
John Power (hot sauce)
tonypoland (sluttyfringe)

Deck the halls with strobes and lazers, it’s the Hot Sauce Christmas FETE WORSE THAN DEATH. A riotous pagan celebration of electro, rock, hip-hop and Santa Claus. We’ve got hardcore gay oi bands, fluorescent hip-hop kids, new ravers, old ravers, electronic carol services, burlesque nativities, Santa’s very own grime grotto and all the shit you get at traditional xmas fetes (anyone for bat the rat?).

Of course whilst the chance to win some dubious knocked off tat in the tombola might seal the deal for some it’s the music that most people will be interested in, and so they should be as we’ve polished off the big button marked NOW! and pulled together a lineup of the best a frenzied search of Myspace has to offer.

Ebony Bones are one of those acts that you just have to thank god for existing, imagine Grace Jones fronting a punk band at the Paradise Garage. Fun, in your face and full on. Just the way we like it. In a perfect world they would be huge, in this one we’ll just have to be happy they’re around at all.

Methodist Centre are the latest signings to Kid Acne’s wonderful Invisible Spies label, but before you settle in expecting some twisted leftfield hip-hop, be prepared for Methodist Centre are one of the best, most full on punk Oi bands we’ve seen in recent years, two drummers, one guitarist, pure attitude.

This time next year Black Daniel will probably be huge, flying in from New York just for this gig, a potent mix of Pixies-esque rock, electronic sounds and some classic pop songwriting has already started getting them some serious airplay in all the right places. Enjoy them for free whilst you still can.

If you’ve been hanging around the right places recently, (Yo-Yo, Sick of Nature etc) then you might have caught our next acts, Miss Odd Kid and The Cock n Bull Kid, two girls who have burst onto the scene with a refreshingly fun and wonky take on hip-hop. Following in the wake of the likes of Uffie, they marry freaky electro and dancehall tracks to a distinctly London flow.

So apart from the bands what else do we have in store for you, well several blog’s worth of DJs for a start who will be taking over Santa’s Grime Grotto, including Furthur’s John Power and Ice Monster from Shoreditch legends Crackin Skullz, spinning everything from ignorant sex rap to the latest Brazilian electro banger whilst our bad Santa will be on hand to ensure that those girls who haven’t behaved themselves this year don’t get left out.

We also have the highlight of every Christmas for us LJ Kruzer’s electronic Christmas Carol Service, for four years now the good Kruzer (son of a real life Vicar and one of the lushest electronica artists to emerge in recent years) has marked the Festive season with a beautiful selection of carols, hymns and readings from the good book all mixed up with some of the most gorgeous electronic music you’ll hear this year. FUN FOR ALL THE FAMILY. (As an aside LJ’s CD of electronic Christmas classics is available now from Uncharted Audio, with all the profits going to help homeless donkeys!)

Slightly less wholesome though may be Le Cocteau Jaune’s Burlesque Nativity, having caught their sonic assault at several festivals and experimental events this year we felt we had to coerce the noise terrorists into unleashing on our Fete the dark side of Christmas.

And it’s Free, god knows why, this is solid gold Christmas entertainment we’re giving you here.


Also running on the day in the Bar at 93 Feet East, Oxfam are hosting a record fair with DJ Sets from JB (Devils Gun), Battle DJs, Helen Noir, James Bradley & Seven Shades of Sh*t.

3 Responses to “Hot Sauce presents… A FETE WORSE THAN DEATH”

  1. Trixie Says:

    Like.. John Power from Cast?!?

  2. sluttyfringe Says:

    haha nono

    Poor John will be haunted by the mop haired Liverpudlian spectre that is his namesake all his life it seems

  3. Alexwebmaster Says:

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