living on borrowed time….

December 18, 2006

living on borrowed time

The worst thing about writing a blog is getting home at 2am loaded on margarita and beer and feeling slightly unhinged from watching some Japanese art house porn (don’t ask) and deciding it’s the best idea to write a very narcissitic post about you being a tastemaker – well getting sent some tracks by the next Celine Dion is probably worse but doesn’t flood you with the same feelings of self loathin.

Thankfully I got writers block halfway through such a post that was meant to be about a splendid band called the Consolations but was more about how great this blog is – goddamn tequila!!

Yeah so the Consolations are this duo from Stockport, a longtime Northern hotbed of musical talent. They’ve just released an ep called Borrowed Time on Upset Zombie Records and it really is quite special.

Comprising of 6 tracks which demonstrate that there is still some room for experimentation within Indie music. Vocalist Tom Griffiths has this brilliant cynical northern drawl that somehow snugly rests on the subtle beat based arrangements of producer Matt Philbin. The production is kinda reminiscent of The Beta Band in it’s use of sampled beats which are layered with dusty lo fi-ness (or something)

I’m sticking up my two favourite tracks from the EP plus a wee exclusive demo they also sent through to me. You can get the EP for a fiver from their myspace page, go doowit!

The Consolations – Johnny

The Consolations – Gangland Love Story

The Consolations – Messages

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