Tight Fit

December 28, 2006

As is the way round here, I did my favourites of 2006 review in a distinctly wonky fashion. I had a rather grand notion of doing some silly awards type thing, but forgot all the categories, hence the rather straight up favourite albums and tracks post.

You can find a very eloquently written and well chosen 2006 review at PopScene (especially the blog choices yo!) – For what it’s worth I reckon Discobelle and Fluokids can have a pillow fight over best music blog – Discobelle’s comments section has provided some choice humour over recent weeks especially.

Yeah so, I meant to say Dave Taylor was artist of the year – A man of many an alias and quality remixes in 2006 and has featured very heavily on Slutty Fringe since its inception. The whole ‘fidget house’ ting is kicking strong with new artists and labels popping up all over the place. It’s exciting times.

(Anyone who fancies posting me the One Week To Live issue with the fidget house feature that was out a few weeks back will get some goodies in return)

Black Ghosts – Face (Switch Remix) Out 22nd Jan check myspace for more info

Bugz In The Attic – Move Aside (A. Brucker & Sinden Remix) (YSI)

Solid Groove & Sinden – Din Da Da (YSI)

Only Freak – Can’t Get Away From Your Love (Solid Groove Remix) (YSI)

Radioclit – Mature Macho Machine (Solid Groove & Sinden Remix) (YSI)

Phonica is the best place to get all the Dubsided/Counterfeet fidget fam stuff

This year I have also been introduced to the excellent music that Drop The Lime puts out, he sent through a mix he did for Resonance FM recently and it kicks hard just like you expect it to! Props and thanks to the whole Trouble And Bass family for the excellent music and kind words of support.

Drop The Lime Resonance FM mix 18th December 06

(0:00)Sky City Rising – Fever Gasp
(2:20)Math Head – Dream Tigers
(4:38)Matt Shadetek – Bump Bump
(7:09)Trouble & Bass – Stitches (DTL V.I.P)
(8:03)Drop The Lime – Hold On
(10:27)Starkey – Let You Go (DTL Remix)
(11:26)Ciara – Get Up (DTL Watching U Edit [STAKEHOUSE Re-Edit] )
(12:31)White Label- Clap Clap
(13:53)Drop The Lime – Died In Your Arms Refix
(17:19)DJ Debonair Samir – Sirens
(18:28)Bmore Gutta Music – Kick A Few Ho’s
(19:23)Ciara – Get Up (Drop The Lime Watching U Edit)
(24:39)The Game – One Blood (DTL One Shot Refix)
(26:53)Drop The Lime – Big Malice
(29:00)Vyle – Strobemouth (DTL heavy bass Remix)
(32:18)Fatboy Slim – Champion Sound (Switch Remix)
(34:40)Brainstorm – Rock The House
(36:29)Math Head – Magnum (Megaforce Edit)

And to end on a high note, Curtis Vodka has jus put out a tuff tuff remix of the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s track Cheated Hearts which is splendid (thankyous to low bee forum for this)

Yeah Yeah Yeah’s – Cheated Hearts (Curtis Vodka Remix) (YSI)

Slutty Fringe will return in 2007, there may be some more people contributing next year as it takes up alot of time to keep it this good heheh and man like tonypoland needs to work for dollars more. Fear not as there is stringent criteria in place for those that wish to write.

If you have any suggestions on how to improve Slutty Fringe please send such thoughts in written form to me. Have a splendid New Year!

5 Responses to “Tight Fit”

  1. - John B Says:

    Wow, Switch can do wrong. That Black Ghosts is the SH*t!!

    Thank you SF!

  2. nicole Says:

    you don’t have to improve anything about your blog. it is just fine as it is right now. keep on blogging about everything that excites you.


  3. Charles Says:

    manage to find that One Week to Live article. i’m very interested in the fidget house thing too.

  4. a ghost Says:

    the digital release of Black Ghosts “face” looks like this:

    – original
    – Switch mix

    – Teenagers Remix
    with preview on their myspace!

    – Kissy Sell Out Remix

    – The Little Digitals remix
    – Charlie Fanclub remix

    – Philipe De Boyar remix
    with preview on his myspace!

    there’s a digital promo available from now on:

    have fun!

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