Is That Your Dad?

January 3, 2007


So 2007 got off to a rather splendid start for myself, spending all day on the pish in Camden, nominally to catch The Rapture djing at the Lock Tavern but I don’t really recall whether they did actually , was nice to see Casper Fluokids though.

I’ve also struck upon a genius marketing tool – defacing an old vice t shirt by scribbling somewhat wonkily “My Only” and “Is Slutty Fringes” either side of the vice logo – I’m gone get some proper tees printed up (perhaps)

nuff of that nonsense, Sick Of Nature are starting a new night at the Half Devil in Old Street (otherwise known as 333) called Pick Up The Pieces with the first night on the 12th January – and it is a bit special, with Tigerbeat 6 taking over the main room (knifehandchop & drop the lime people!) and Infants are also djing – plus in the basement hot tip for 2007 Zilla is doing his dancehalltechstepglitchhop thing.

Zilla’s mixtapes are a thing of legend, and he has kindly let me put his mad limited (100 copies in the world) One Foot In The Fire, One Fist In The Air mix from 2003 for download (Erol Alkan booked Mister Zilla to play at Trash after hearing this mix)

It blew me away when I first heard it and still makes me guffaw with delight whenever I stick it on. One glimpse at this tracklist should engender similar reactions in you.

Laurie Anderson-The End Of The World
7 Hurts-We Keep On
Laurie Anderson-The Salesmen
Zilla-Scene Setting
Dj Shadow-Midnight In A Perfect World (extended Mix)
Eknah Easwaran-Meditation
Meredith Monks-Liquid Air
Dj Krush Ft Dj Shadow-Duality
Nigo-Very Good My Friend (acapella)
Laurie Anderson-Born Never Asked
Death In Vegas-Dirge
Laurie Anderson-Walking And Falling
Dj Krush-Meiso (dj Shadow Remix)
Dj Shadow-Monosymbalik
Epmd-Its My Thing
Dj Shadow-Mutual Slump
Bjork-Possibly Maybe
Massive Attack-Unfinished Sympathy
Doors-Riders On The Storm
Chemical Brothers-Buzz Tracks
Britney Spears-I’m A Slave 4 U (instrumental)
Meat Beat Manifesto-Radio Babylon
Dj Food-Spiral Dub
Eknath Easwaran-Meditation
Mr Fingers-Can U Feel It
Armand Van Heldon-Reservoir Dogs
Unique 3-The Theme
Smoke & Mirrors-New York Joint
Meat Beat Manifesto-Radio Babylon
Run Dmc-Beats To The Rhyme
Company Flow-End To End Burners
Piero Piccioni-Italanamericana Collage
Dj Shadow-Lost & Found
Unkle-The Knock
Rufige Crew-Dark Metal
Boom Bip & Dose One-Untitled Outro
Levi 167-Something Fresh To Swing To
The Herbaliser-Mother
Queen-Rock You
Billy Squire-The Big Beat
Beastie Boys-Professor Booty
Pink Floyd-What Shall We Do
Pink Floyd-Money Lust
Dj Shadow-Blood On The Motorway
Roots Manuva-Witness (dub)
Jeru Tha Damaja-Playing Ya Self
Dj Cam-Success
Notorious Big-Hypnotise
Timezone-Zulu Warchant (funky Remix)
Butler Kiev-Rewind
Original Hampster-Notorious Dsp
Blackalicious-Rhymes For The Dear Dumb & Blind
Tino-Tino Dub Breaks
Steady B-Serious (remix)
Dj Shadow-Number Song ( Cut Chemist Rmx)
Raekwon-Can It All Be So Simple Remix
Supreme Nyborn-Versatile Extension
Tribe Called Quest- Oh My God
Chemical Brothers-Kling To Me & I’ll Klong To You
Frijid Pink-Crying Shame
Funky Porcini-Tiny Kangaroo Dolphin (from Hell)
Neotropic-Je Suis
Byrds-Mr Tamborine Man (acapella)
Dj Krush-Oce 9504
Adam Johnson-Changer Demain
Eknath Easwaran-Meditation
Machine Drum-Uptown
Beatnuts-Off The Books (acapella)
Ulrich Schnauss-Nobodys Home
Ol’Dirty Bastard-Shimmy Shimmy Ya (acapella)
Laurie Anderson-Walking & Falling

Hello again heheh, theres a few more tracks at the end of the mix that are missing from this list, but the internet is not being very friendly.

Zilla One Foot In The Fire, One Fist In The Air (84mb)

On the topic of splendid mixtapes, my good friend, phoebe cates enthusiast and talented producer and record player, Mr Wrongtom, is on the cusp of releasing an extremely well crafted mix cd called Cassetiquette. He very nicely sent me a promo copy back in at the start of December and it has been duking it out with the new LCD Sound System album for most listens on my ipod over the past few weeks.

If you head over to his Myspace page, you can get a wee teaser of what to expect come it’s release. For me I think it’s gonna be one of the best mixes you will hear in 2007. I will be playing records at Hot Sauce, 93 feet east, with mr wrongthomas on Saturday the 27th January in the Pink Bar. Expect lots for buff scenester music for c*nts, it should be a hoot!

4 Responses to “Is That Your Dad?”

  1. HRDINA Says:

    Loved this. I didn’t hear Uffie, Justice, or any of those regulars, which is a change. My fave’ was the text-to-voice version of BIG’s Hypnotized. Amazing. Thanks for the post. It’s not too chill and not too hard, just right for a productive day.

  2. casper_c Says:

    I’m afraid 333 has closed down now, so that night won’t be happening. I was looking forward to playing that one as well!

    The main names will still be playing around the corner at the Macbeth though!

    Good to see you too the other night šŸ˜‰

  3. mark_j Says:

    This is just amazing, I am not even noticing some differences because it’s all so seemless. Puts together some of my memories into one mix! Thank you

  4. 'ZILLA' Says:

    Thanks for the comments everyone!

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