Sound Love

January 4, 2007

The Emperor Machine – The TV Extra Band (ysi)

This sounds like it should have beeen the theme tune to that stupid Torchwood thing, brilliantly eeery Sci Fi space disco buy here

EMYND – Then He Kissed Me (ysi)

I’m a sucker for chopped up Motown vocals , Baltimore House and Percolator samples.

Four Tet – Pockets (minimal version) (ysi)

Sometimes Mr Hebden’s instrumental wonkiness can be a bit over indulgent for my tastes, thankfully this track from his recent DJ Kicks compilation is a splendidly stripped down bit of melodic house music buy here

The Presets – Are You The One? (Van She Tech NYC Rush Mix) (ysi)

Van She were sososososo consistent with their remixes in 2006, this fuckaround with the Presets classic is without doubt my favourite buy here

Theo Parrish – Friendly Children (ysi)

Simply Brilliant!

Trentemøller – Vamp (ysi)

I sat on the Trentemøller album for ages, gave it a few listens over the festive period and can now understand why it was in so many albums of 2006 lists, this track is my favourite – love the rubber band bassline buy here

6 Responses to “Sound Love”

  1. Aaron Says:

    Haven’t heard the mix you have on your site but ‘And then he kissed me’ is by the ronettes who were produced by phil spector and was relased on the chyrislis lable not motown.

    put your balls on ma chin

  2. sluttyfringe Says:


    well if you had taken the time to listen, then you would know it samples the Crystals version

    Suck Eggs Big Lad

  3. Aaron Says:

    Please excuse my stupidity by puting you ball on ma chin even more

  4. camoscrawl Says:

    man, that four tet tune is fooking brilliant. i would love to hear more from him. his remix of jamie liddell was sick as well.

  5. Paul Irish Says:

    Oh man. I needed to hear Vamp right after a big business meeting conflict.
    Thanks for being there for me. 🙂

  6. Barry Hackney Says:

    EMYND is killing it with his Motown remixes…

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