Down For The Count

January 15, 2007

out for the count

Leeds based label I Can Count sent me through some music just now, which is right decent of them. They specialise in putting out some of the most impressive and interesting alt pop music there is, with no restrictions on genre, kinda like a northern sister to London’s pouting Alt<Delete.

Last year they put out a compilation, snappily entitled I Can Count Music – Volume One that contains some splendid wonky electronic pop and acoustic niceness that garnered some buff hype from some of the more independent minded Radio DJs and is subsequently getting a re-release on the 5th of February.

February is gonna be busy for I Can Count as they are also putting out their first single on the 12th, a rather nice little release by Grand Prix 86 called Everybody’s Dancing which also contains a splendid remix by David E Sugar.

I’m really starting to develop some love for this man’s music. He is responsible for the amazing GrecoRoman Soundsystem theme tune which was on the Greco Roman mixtape that was floating around the cobweb last month (mix of the year too I think)

Oi oi New York this is London… Oi oi New York GrecoRoman!

and he has just put out a EP out with this grime MC called Ears that’s on Brikabrak (get it here)

I’ve also been tipped that Slutty Fringe favourite Miss Odd Kidd is gonna feature on the second installment of I Can Count Music that is out in a few months. 2007 should be a interesting year for I Can Count.

Head over to their online shop to grab a upfront copy of the Grand Prix 86 ep and the I Can Count comp or some of their custom apparel (I’m liking the tees).

They’ve kindly let me post a few tracks up to get your ears interested. The Fingers on Whips track in particular I’m loving – it’s on a New Young Pony Club tip with some fooking ace 808 acid squiggles

Loren P Nikkel – Me & Green (taken from I Can Count Vol 1)
Fingers On Whips – Love Injection (taken from I Can Count Vol 1)
Grand Prix 86 – Lights In Your Eyes (David E. Sugar ‘It’s Rigged’ Remix) (taken from the Everybody’s Dancing single)

Man like Electric Zoo also has some tracks from this comp posted up – so head over to his excellent blog and download the excellent mix he did recently. The kid is really on his game as well lots of great stuff , I best sharpen up!!

2 Responses to “Down For The Count”

  1. RY Says:

    hehe… never say no to a free CD eh?….

    and thanks for the hype!

  2. RJD Says:

    nice discovery, just baught it , only £5!, great track indeed Fingers on Whips – Love Injection

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