Some Rocks Are Better Than Others

January 26, 2007


needlework coverart produced by the talented Emma Ferguson

wrongtom’s rather splendid Cassetiquette mixtape hit the more independent shelves this week. The fruits of 30 days locked in a studio with lots of records, 4 decks, an SP12, a laptop and plenty of tea (most likely) – it’s sixty minutes of tasty blends taking in lots of artists I know you like, but I won’t mention to save thomas some legal fees… you may be able to guess what’s goin on from the tracklist though

Stakes & Chips
Jack Your Liquor Store
Jam Up the Pussy
Losing My Brain
Dubbing On Sunshine
Bring the Showers
Specific Rates Pt 1
Specific Rates Pt 2
Some Rocks Are Better Than Others
Biting Bambaataa
Being a Girl
Destination South London
Set for Life
Impregnated Samba
Cassetiquette Interlude
Song for the Fuggs
Chir Dalna
Immigration Ills
Let Me Kill Your Fantasy
Starship Connection
Aint No Other Green Man
Let Me See Your Bumps
B-More Baby

I’ve had this mix since December last year and it’s got heavy play on the Fringe Slut ipod and will definitely be in one of those arsey end of year lists I will be doing come December, but I’ve resisted posting any teasers till it got released. So here are a couple of my favourite exerts from the mix.

Download them, smile in wonderment at how good they are and then buy the cd from Banquet Records

Sirens / Stakes & Chips

Bring The Showers / Specific Rates

Some Rocks Are Better Than Others / Biting Bambaataa


London housed peeps should know that wrongtom and me will be djing at the Hot Sauce night down brick lane at 93 Feet East along with Destroy All Monsters whilst there are some splendid bands playing in the main room.

I will be playing the buffhypohmygosh bangers from around 10pm then i’ll be dancing with someone’s girlfriend till closing time – If you come down say hello, I’ll be the one smelling of rum!

look look look at the pretty flyer!


3 Responses to “Some Rocks Are Better Than Others”

  1. lynton Says:

    Emma Ferguson’s art totally rules!

  2. Gary Rivera Says:

    I hope I will have to pleasure to have Wrongtom play at our party Supersonic in April!!!!!!

  3. Plgegntq Says:

    ssRg3R comment6 ,

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