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February 6, 2007

oi oi

Just been sent some splendid remixes, gosh they are good.

First up, Juno Records are celebrating a decade of selling vinyl of all genres (even scouse house) by releasing ten classic dance tracks throughout 2007, all of them featuring new remixes from rising talents and established artists.

First up is Faze Action’s seminal In The Trees and Juno have only roped in Carl Craig to give it the remix treatment – it’s all sorts of tuff and is very pleasing to see Mr Craig continue his fine run of remixes into 2007.

Faze Action – In The Trees (Carl Craig C1 Remix)

LCD SoundSystem’s second album, Sounds Of Silver, is due to drop in March (though it’s likely that anyone who reads mp3 blogs has already heard it) and it is gonna be one of the best albums this year no doubt.

There’s already been a few remixes floating round of North American Scum, but William Russell, a producer out of Cleveland, just sent me through a dirty dirty remix of Time To Get Away which leans away from the typical (and much loved) DFA sound of the original and sounds fresh for doing it.

LCD SoundSystem – Time To Get Away (William Russell Remix)

Finally, here’s a nasty Herve remix of the new single Love Ya by the hotly tipped UnkleJam, who are clearly down with Prince. As with all of Herve’s recent output, this remix absolutely kills it!!

UnkleJam – Love Ya (Herve Remix)

2 Responses to “Fresh Produce >> Remixes”

  1. gforce Says:

    big, big ups for the unklejam remix! i have been searching high and low for this one.

    check my post on them as well, over at

    good lookin out!

  2. Excellent post. I hope DFA Records leaves you alone, though; they have a tendency to require every remix (official or not) of new LCD stuff to be taken down.

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