Sweet Like A Lemon

February 9, 2007

Good Gosh!

Crookers have been busy! they jus sent through a new mix, and it’s full of new jamms, and it is just ridiculously good.

I’m fucken loving Massive (grab it at floukids) the trevor loveys Crookers rework (On The Brink On Point! Don’t think they can press enough copies of this EP) and their own edit of Phantom by bloggers delight Justice.

Download it now!!!


Crookers “Watotoro”
Crookers “See the crown”
Stefano feat. Crookers “Midnight square”
Crookers “Watotoro”
Crookers “Disco fidget”
Unkle Jam “Love ya” (Herve dub doubledit)
Crookers “Massive”
Crookers “Aguas de Parco”
Crookers “Chippin it up 4 a killa” (Trevor Loveys re-work)
Freeform five “No more conversation” (Switch rmx)
Justice “Phantom” (Crookers surprise edit)
BASSNECTAR ft. KristinaMaria “Yo” (Speaker Junk’s Jackin’ Brazilian Rave Remix)
Crookers “Pollution”
Crookers “Limonare” (The Bulgarian’s sweet like a lemon mix)

2 Responses to “Sweet Like A Lemon”

  1. BASS!

    thanks Mr Sluttyfringe.. the world needs more squelching. 🙂

  2. M Says:

    Any chance of a re-upload because the file has expired. Thanks x

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