Fixed Up For Mixes

March 2, 2007


photo from dirtydirtydancing

I read this silly article in The Guide at the weekend about how Fred Deakin of Lemon Jelly fame is supposedly the saviour of the mixtape cos he’s releasing a triple cd mix, which was essentially just a rather obvious bigup for that cd. Considering the amount of mixes posted on blogs throughout the internet I would say the game has just evolved really.

Anyway to illustrate this point here are a generous portion of mixes sent through to me over the past few days that have a distinctly worldwide flavour (keep them comin!)

NYC duo Paris hooked me up with their most recent mix “Is This Thing Loaded?” which contains all manner of buffhype distorted disco tracks – the tracklisting is a secret but if you say nice things about them on myspace they might send you a virtual kinder egg surprise.

Peeps my side of the Atlantic should watch out for a Paris does Europe tour which will be hitting all the major hotspot cities throughout the springtime month of April.

Download: Paris – Is This Thing Loaded? Mix

Next up, we have some dirty trash sounds from Portugal in the shape of the Moltov mix by Stuart, resident at The Office and fully representing that whole girls like to shake hips to french house sound which is nice. This mix is splendid and contains a few gems that passed my eyes and ears (when did that John Reeden W.O.N. remix drop?)

does it offend you, yeah? – we are rockstars
justice – wathers of nazareth (john reeden remix)
kavinsky – testarrossa autodrive (sebastiAn remix)
goodbooks – leni (kissy sell out remix)
moulinex – salt
xinobi – turbonegro’s lesson
justice – let there be light (dj discrete mix)
trashtalk – tankgirl
hystereo – validity revision
franz & shape – countach
digitalism – zdarlight (paranoid asteroid)
depeche mode – never let me down again (digitalism remix)
yuksek – composer
vitalic – candy
passions – emergency
toxic avenger – kissing the remix

Download: Stuart – Molotov Mix

Duggadut, a producer out of Norway but living it up in Geneva slipped me a mix he put together recently which is heavy on the ed banger & dubsided/extended family sounds (a good look round these parts) AND on a sidenot: I heard that switch remix of P Diddy on the Chalk soundsystem on Saturday – amazing club track! wasn’t really feeling it on my imac speakers, but it kills in the correct environment (which is a dancefloor heaving with hubba ednas)

Jamie T – Calm Down Dearest
DJ Mehdi – Signatune (Thomas Bangalter edit)
Magik Johnson – Scanning For Viruses (Claude vonStroke Coffee on your Motherboard Mix)
P. Diddy Feat. Christian Aguilera – Tell Me (Switch Remix)
Hi Jack – Hi Jackin’ (Herve’s Fuck Fuck Mix) Vs. Simian – Never Be Alone (Duggadut edit)
Unklejam – Love Ya (Herve Remix)
Chemical Brothers – Electronic Battle Weapons 8
The Sounds – Tony the Beat (Rex the Dog Remix)
Crookers – Massive
Justice – Let There Be Light (Dj Funk’s Bounce Dat Ass Remix)
TTC – Une Bande des Mecs Sympas
Zongamin vs. Spice Girls – Spice up Your Bongo Song

Download: Duggadut – Crash Boom Bang mix

Jac The Disco, a dj duo from sunny Plymouth on the South Coast of England hooked me up with a recording of a 4 deck electrohouse mix they performed at the Disco Riot
Romance back in January – it’s a bit special likes


Download: Jac The Disco – Disco Riot Romance Mix

Just a quick heads up on some other mix shaped niceness floating about – head over to Allez Allez who have a new mix by JD Twitch from the Optimo Espacio boys from up Glasgae – if you are based in sunny London try make it down to Catch on Kingsland Road for the next Allez Allez party (with one in two weeks time!)

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