Don’t Be Eating The Hotdogs Outside Chalk

March 5, 2007

bigup to TomWilson@Fact for the Crookers shout !

So last week all my plans were put to one side as my body decided on Tuesday evening it would be quite nice to go for a slow dance with some food poisoning (which I finally came to the conclusion had to be the fault of a hotdog vendor outside Chalk). Right about the time I was getting ready to hit the Dazed Ed Banger party – lovely. Special thanks go to my friend Stas who sent me a rather smug text message at 8am the next morning as he was getting back from said party. Thanks.

Anyway, Ed Banger label boss and, according to some, Jesus lookalike Busy P dropped his Rainbow Man EP last week and it’s rather tasty. The title track is an ode to the APT in New York (though maybe Extortionate Drinks Prices is a more accurate title, not very catchy though is it?) Chop Suey was originally released on Arcade Mode ages ago and is some hot ghettotech with a decidely french flavour. My favourite track, however, is Pedro’s remix of What’s Your Name Again? by Fancy which cuts up and distorts the guitar sample brilliantly and goes all over the place.

Essential, get it now from Arcade Mode or Phonica

Fancy – Whats Your Name Again? (Busy P Remix)

I got invited to check Robyn (definitely the most interesting hair in music right now) play at Proud in Camden on Thursday, but wanted to catch the No Hopers perform at YoYo and ended up doing neither! (I should be getting a mixtape from the No Hopers, so more on them soon)

Judging by the forthcoming single, Konichiwa Bitches, Robyn is gonna be big in 2007, Menta, Trentemoller and Oscar The Punk on remix duties and a rather splendid video to boot. the Trentemoller mix sounds like he’s been listening to the B52s and lots of jump up drum and bass recently – which is a very good thing

Robyn – Konichiwa Bitches (Trentemoller Remix)

Konichiwa Bitches is released on the 26th of March – i’m pretty sure it will be available on all formats from everywhere.

And on Friday, I was going to venture into New Rave Cross to catch all girl in 70’s style PE garms trio The Duloks perform then head up to Brixxton to catch Freestyle Records’ Shepdog play the cold heat with the Keepup! kids. Instead I spent it on the sofa, rubbing my tummy, watching CSI repeats on Five US and feeling sorry for myself.

Come Saturday, I was much better, and after spending lots of money on new vinyl I headed up to the rather cosy part of North West London that is Kilburn to catch The Chap perform at The Luminaire.

Line opened up for the evening with some nice electropop sounds that contained a generous amount of deliberate wonk and no accidental laptop dropping, and Capitol K made quite an impression on me as I don’t really know much about their previous work.

The Chap were really on point though. They are a band with a reputation for putting on amazing live performances and Saturday was no different. Working through tracks from their two albums and some hot new material that got me very excited, they had the crowd dancing from the off and had me in stitches with their silly vogue routines. The drummer is supertight on the sticks as well.

There was some A & R heat in the crowd so you might be seeing them surface with a new album on a hot sauce label in the near future. My favourite tracks from their performance were Baby I’m Hurting and Clissold Park. You really should go out and buy their albums, befriend them on Myspace and go check out one of their gigs. Splendid stuff

The Chap – Baby I’m Hurting

The Chap – Woop Woop

Unfortunately I had to duck out before the end of their performance to catch the tube to Old St to play at Suicide Dogz‘ night at the 333. I managed to catch the end of Swallow’s set (Fuck My Boyfriend is a great pop track) and TheCocknBullKid did a great short wee set that had the crowd moving hips.

Roy Teens played a tuff set of tracks that went from 90’s rave anthems to hiphop bangers and several places inbetween and I hit the crowd with an hour and a bit of low end house, baltimore and ed banger goodness. Speshul!

Oh yes, before the food poisoning took over I went to the ICA to see Patrick Wolf last Monday. I only got into this kid a few months back after being asked to write about him for Kultureflash and having no real idea who he was decided to investigate. I picked up Lycanthropy, his debut album and was hooked on the dramatic instrumental flourishes and moody electronic production that is absent from most pop music these days.

His new album, The Magic Position, is a decidely more upbeat proposition and this mood was reflected in a excellent performance at the ICA. Taking to the stage looking like a oversized boyscout and backed up by an extremely impressive band of musicians, Wolf treated the audience to the new material, switching between playing a piano and a violin.

My favourite moment was the rendition of Accident & Emergency that sounded like it had been given a dirty grime relick on the ICA Soundsystem. He even did a track on the encore with support act Bishi (who I missed play earlier unfortuntely) I think this album will see Wolf break through and get the attention his talent undoubtedly deserves.

Patrick Wolf – Accident & Emergency

Patrick Wolf – Get Lost

Purchase The Magic Position here

2 Responses to “Don’t Be Eating The Hotdogs Outside Chalk”

  1. Ursula 1000 Says:

    hey mate—
    good seeing Shepdog represented(and APT-my friday residency)…i’ll be rocking it w/ him at Fabric May 25th. will u be in town? swing by for a crazy nite of electro/breaks/bootleg madness.—–Urs.

  2. wrongtom Says:

    the funny thing is i looked at that hot dog stand on my way out and thought despite how hungry i was i wouldn’t even risk just the bun and onions

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