Sunday Post?

March 11, 2007

Gosh I’ve been mad busy with boring stuff like work and play and not had a chance to sift through all my email till this weekend and what do I find but lots of lovely music!

First up, Poney Poney just sent me through their track Junior which was produced by Xavier from Justeeece. It was originally released on Arcade Mode but has now been licensed to Modular Recordings and is gonna be on a new comp out June.

They also let me know that their next EP is due to drop on Perspex Recordings (Freeform Five’s joint!) in June and is produced by Mr Oizo!

Poney Poney – Junior

White Girl Lust dropped a new track they have produced for Buddy Leezle called Get On Up (Dirt Style) with the assisting vocal talents of Cerebral Vortex and it’s a rather fucken splendid bit of bass heavy hiphop. Proper grimey beat that White Girl Lust has produced, i’m loving the sampled funk chanting too. Essential

Buddy Leezle feat Cerebral Vortex – Get On Up (Dirt Style)

William Russell, who did that lovely low end remix of LCD Soundsystem that I posted a few weeks back sent me through a new remix of Lady Sov’s Love Me Or Hate Me which is equally as good and has certain demented elements to it. Can’t wait to play this out

Lady Sovereign – Love Me Or Hate Me (William Russell Remix)

speaking of LCD Soundsystem, I got sent a bunch of remixes of the track Sounds Of Silver by some producers out of Germany called Soni Code and Rotoskop here are my two favourites which kinda take the track down different paths.

LCD Soundsystem – Sounds Of Aluminum (Rotoskop Remix)

LCD Soundsystem – Sounds Of Copper (Soni Code Remix)

tracks removed at behest of Big Brother EMI – sorry

West Virginia/NYC Party Hard Kids Cobra Kai hooked me up with a absolutely killer mix that Dj Krames did for the Transmit radio show in Dublin recently.

Krames has got killa skills, he’s had blog heat on Discobelle, La Decadanse and Blentwell before and rightly so cos this mix is tight like Noemi Lenoir (click on tracklisting image to download)

They also sent through T to the A, a track from Krames’ Dishwasher Safe Album which was extremely nice of them! Krames original productions have got love from Diplo, Stretch Armstrong, Flosstradamus, Catchdubs, Certified Bananas, Rory Them Finest, Them Jeans, Paul Devro, Peer Pressure, E6 The Crossfader King, My!Gay!Husband! and more.

You can purchase Dishwasher Safe from Turntablelab or itunes Get on it!

DJ Krames – T to the A

When i head back to NYC i’m defintely gonna check the CobraKai parties cos they look mental!

Can enthusiast Tago Mago sent me through a whole heap of weirded out remixes and reinventions he has done recently. Having been involved in making music for over 8 years, he recently started using acapellas from well known artists and the results can sometimes be stunning, taking artists such as The Streets, Nas, Ol Dirty Bastard, Mos Def and The B52s reinventing their tracks completely.

He’s already got word love from The Eadrums Shall Fail and Irk The Purist here are some of my favourites

Tago Mago feat. Mos Def – Mathematics (Ventilator mix) (direct link)

Tago Mago & The Aliquot Part – Has It Come To This (Tunnels Mix) (direct link)

Wu Tang Clan, Talib Kweli & Zap Mama – Da Mystery Of Chessboxin, Yelling Away (Tago Mago Remix) (direct link)

Frank Zappa & Redman and Method Man – Cheep Thrills, Tear It Off (Tago Mago Remix) (direct link)

Download the full Thief’s and other Themes album here and grab the My Quiet Corner To Reflect EP here

So Miss Odd Kidd told me to check out Late Of The Pier and soon after I get a remix of their track Space And The Woods by duo The C90s. The intro reminds me of that Erol remix of Franz Ferdinand from a few years back but it gets real dirty once the vocals kick in and the drums sounds excellent. Splendid!

Late Of The Pier – Space And The Woods (The C90s Remix)

Lastly, here’s a couple of tracks I’ve been feeling lately. First up is a Santogold track I got from Palmsout the other week – bigups to Haldan, you all best be checking Remix Sundays for a weekly dose of remix heat!! Santogold is getting all sorts of word love right now cos Dave Taylor is doing production, Creator is such a tuff track

Santogold – Creator (feat Freq Nasty)

And here’s a track my mate Stas Werno did with Long Distance Dan on mic duties recently which has a touch of Feadz about the production. Long Distance Dan has just set a new record label called Left Hand Recordings and is in the process of putting together a compilation of tracks by unsigned artists – If you are interested then drop him a line on his myspace for all the details.

Long Distance & Stas Werno – Disco Operated

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  1. run dogg Says:

    some crazy chicks there….

  2. Hrdina Says:

    has some nice remixes

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