Take It Like A Man

March 13, 2007

I went to see buffhype electro rock types Dragonette at the ICA last night – though I was concentrating more on the free alcohol and girls dressed to the nines in figure hugging leather than the band and only managed to get in to catch their last song.

Mercury, their record label, are throwing serious money at giving Dragonette the push – they did seem quite good so it is justified. I got given a goodie bag that contained a mix cd put together by the band and its reet! check this blurb

We love to spoil you so had some fun creating our own mixtape – hope you enjoy it. we enjoyed making it! check out the track listing below:
Queen – “Killer Queen” – Has anyone ever managed to write a song the way that only Freddie can? Much less deliver it with the same killer attitude or flair? Truly one of a kind, and Guaranteed to Blow Your Mind.
Prince – “Head” – Before God told him not to, Prince wrote the sexiest tracks on God’s Green Earth. We kind of miss his dirty old self.
Dragonette – “I Get Around”
Shawnna feat Ludacris – “Shake That Shit” – Ludacris is always best as a guest, as he is here on Shawnna’s lo-rider groove track that always makes us feel dirty when we turn it up loud. Putting the “I Get Around” riff over the top just makes it all the more filthy.
Ladytron – “Seventeen” – This was one of the “soundtrack of our lives” songs while we were starting up Dragonette, and we’d always reference it for the sound and the vibes.
Bodyrox – “Yeah Yeah (D. Ramirez Mix)” – This is one of those tracks that once you hear it, it’s stuck in your head. So just in case you’re one of the 4 people in the world who haven’t heard it yet, we’re going to stick it in yours.
Dragonette – “Black Limousine”
Basement Jaxx – “Hot and Cold” – Basement Jaxx traxx always make you want to pay more attention to what you’re listening too…. there’s always so much cool shit going on in their songs. The vibe in Hot and Cold is so good, you can put it on endless repeat until you think you’ve figured it all out.
Nelly Furtado – “Maneater” – There are two camps in the Nelly Furtado universe: the ones who are sad she left her “Folklore” roots, and those who are really glad she did. We are of the latter bunch, and feel this is the best thing Nelly F has ever done. We love the swampy groove and the crazy vocal harmonies in the chorus.
Serge Gainsbourg – “Pauvre Lola” – The hottest ugly dude in pop music, and always making hits with the young movie starlets. He’s the Parisian Precursor to Prince, making groove songs like this one where you get the innuendo even if you don’t know what the words mean.
Dragonette – “Get Lucky”
Talk Talk – “Happiness Is Easy” – This song is both creepy and beautiful, sparse but lush…. it’s a melancholy song about happiness. How do they do this? We have no idea, but we love it.
INXS – “Need You Tonight” – This song could have been written any time, and it would still blow you away the first time you heard it. The groove is so simple and so good, the sounds are awesome, and Michael Hutchence makes everybody feel sexy.
Grace Jones – “Pull Up to the Bumper” – We love how Grace Jones always sounds angry at something. Pull up to her bumper, NOW, bitch!
(ps the track is super funky, and Grace also knows a thing or two about innuendo…. we’re just beginning to realize that she might not be talking about the bumper of her car)
Hall & Oates – “I Can’t Go For That” – Smoooooooooth music. Everybody needs some, and Hall and Oates dish it better than anyone. The bridge in this song is so sweet, you end up loving it more than any other part of the song. It also features a sax solo – a rarity these days -and it’s nice to know you’ve always got this track to come back to for a saxy fix.
T. Rex – “20th Century Boy” – We must have been living in a cave until last year because that was the first time we noticed the genius rock of T-Rex. This is one of the biggest loudest coolest guitar songs ever. It sounds like whiskey, girls, guns, guitars, bangles and leather. And big hair.
Dragonette – “Take It Like A Man”
Journey – “Anyway You Want It” – Anyone who thinks Journey isn’t one of the greatest bands of all time may have a point. However, it’s hard to deny that a part of everyone wants to punch the air with their fists when this chorus hammers down.
Le Tigre – “Deceptacon” – This is what we would call she-bop….a tough track from some tough ladies who like ladies. It’s like 50’s punk, but with moustaches instead of taffeta.


Download here


The less said about me walking into a mirror and falling into a bin at the Lily Allen afterparty at Stringfellows and losing my phone later that night the better really….

8 Responses to “Take It Like A Man”

  1. wrongtom Says:

    and then when i was trying to help u find the stairs u froze on the spot about a foot away from the pole dancer transfixed on her girating arse.

    like i said u should’ve stuck around to catch lily hit the pole

  2. Trixie Says:

    Oh! We could have said a real life hello!

  3. sluttyfringe Says:

    you were at Dragonettes or the Lily party?

    if its the latter then its prolly for the best that we didn’t meet as I was a bit worse for wear….

  4. Mr. Rivera Says:

    I would like to say hello to all of you when you come to San Francisco. Wrongtom, we will welcome you this fall???

  5. sluttyfringe Says:

    Mr Rivera

    I’m hoping to head out to nYC again for CMJ – I would like to visit San Fran too so I’ll try and sort it!

  6. Trixie Says:

    Dragon. How were you at the lily party?! Are you a ligger extrodinaire??

  7. sluttyfringe Says:

    haha not quite (though it’s something I aspire to) my good friend wrongtom was djing and invited me down

    what did you think of the Dragonettes?? I didn’t really see enough of them to form an opinion

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