SpOOky Sounds

March 19, 2007

Kid Collect has hooked me up with another mix. Not soon after sending through his splendid Its bwonking time mix (still available here) he’s put together a mix with a concept – Something all too rare these days when it’s all about having the latest Switch remix or Bagraiders baltimore track in your mix!

The concept is in the form of a tribute to the sounds of Ghostly International (and it’s offshoot label Spectral) one of the most influential labels to come out of Detroit – having put out music by Audion, Dabrye and Lusine. All the tracks used in this mix are available on mp3 for free download in the mp3 section of the Ghostly site


1. Audion “Raw Dog” (Spectral Sound Vol. 1)
2. Audion “Rubber” (Suckfish)
3. Cepia “Hoarse” (Idol Tryouts Two)
4. Christopher Willits “Yellow Spring” (Surf Boundries)
5. Dabrye “Encoded Flow (Feat. Kandence)” (Two/Three)
6. Dabrye “Truffle No Shuffle” (One/Three)
7. Kill Memory Crash “America Automatic [clip]” (American Automatic)
8. Lusine “Still Frame (Lusine Remix)” (Podgelism)
9. Matthew Dear “But For You” (Leave Luck To Heaven)
10. Mobius Band “The Loving Sounds Of Static” (The Loving Sounds Of Static)
11. The North Valley Subconscious Orchestra “Shimokitazawa Face” (The Right Kind Of Nothing)
12. Skeletons & The Girl-Faced Boys “Fit Black Man” (Idol Tryouts Two)
13. Skeletons & The Girl-Faced Boys “Git” (Git)
14. Skeletons & the Kings of All Cities “what they said” (“lucus”)
15. Solvent “Wish” (Elevators and Oscillators)
16. Mobius Band “Starts Off With A Bang” (City Vs. Country)

Download: Kid Collect – The Loving Sounds of Ghostral

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