Bring The Noise

March 21, 2007


Some tracks here to worry your speakers!

Firstly, the virgin fruits from the provocatively titled Bumm Bumm Producktien label out of Graz – big up the schlampen pony lovers in Austria. Produced by label bosses The Bumm Bumm Boys, Dddo The Bumm kinda kicks off like that Bangalter tribute by Puzique that came out on Boyz Noise last year and then goes a bit mental.

This label is one to watch….

The Bumm Bumm Boys – Dddo The Bumm

Next up Blamma!Blamma! have hooked me up with their latest remix – this time taking on some major label indie types from the North East and quite literally tearing a new arsehole in them – loving the cut up vocals. Blaama Blamma are quite proud of this effort and I have to say rightly so!

Blamma!Blamma! vs MP – Terminal Velocity

Philadelphia DJ/Producer Dev79 (responsible for one of my favourite remixes of Bump and tuff Discobelle mix) has just leaked Thizz Phreak, a new production to whet appetites for his forthcoming Street Bass Anthems mixtape due to drop next month. Described as hyphy meets electro at a grime tempo, its all STRATE HEET to my ears.

Dev79 – Thizz Phreak

Real Ale

UK Bass label Wide Records sent through some tracks from Real Ale, the new EP from DJ Cutlass Supreme. Whilst I’m not going to pretend to know much about the UK Bass scene beyond there was quite a bit of press attention a few years back before the media got a hardon for grime, I’m liking what I hear! Lots of low end bass and ghettotech drums which would definitely sit well alongside the current sounds of Switch et al.

I’m posting The Mash Tun cos it sounds like it has a cheeky sample and because one of my favourite pubs in Brighton is called The Mash Tun.

DJ Cutlass Supreme – The Mash Tun

The full ep is released soon and has remixes by Full Spectrum and Debasser – direct yourself towards Juno where you can pick up Wide Records previous EPs too!

Finally, Keiran Fourtet Hebdan & Steve Reid get a bubbly digital remix courtesy of Detroit’s Matthew Dear wearing his Audion hat. I’ve not had a chance yet to check out Tongues, Hebdan & Reid’s recently released album but this remix is lovely.

Keiran Hebdan & Steve Reid – People Be Happy / Rhythm Dance (Audion’s Highlight Mix)

Get it at boomkat or phonica

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