At A Stretch

March 24, 2007

this is good fringe!

Teh internuts is great yo! Somebody pointed me in the direction of the latest Triple 5 Soul Sessions mix compiled by Stretch Armstrong. Rightly or wrongly, I always assumed Stretch Armstrong was a wikky wikkky scratch dj, so I was excited like a five year old fat kid with apple pie when the mix opened with Kid Sister and goes on a hour long journey through buff hype baltimore club, electro and blog house (heheh) all mixed together in an excellent fashion. i think this surpasses the mighty Cut Copy T5S mix i procured last year.

Anyone that knows the full tracklist should be leaving a comment innit

Download: Stretch Armstrong – Triple 5 Soul Sessions 6

4 Responses to “At A Stretch”

  1. Daviday Says:

    that one at 41 minutes is Baltimoder’s Wile Out. … epic

  2. the last one is my remix of the black ghosts “face”.
    cheers p.

  3. ry Says:

    better than the cut copy mix?!

    downloading now..

    first track is a kid sister remix by flosstradamus, both out of south chicagoland.

    a good start..

  4. Does anyone have the tracklisting for this mix??? WOULD LOVE TO KNOW THE ARTISTS ON THIS MIX. Thank you!

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