Hot New Infants Remixes

March 26, 2007

Infants just hooked me up with some new remixes by ex Clor type Barringtone. Clor are much missed at Slutty Fringe, so I’m happy theres some new music coming from one of them!

Both Drop The Lime and Audioporno have remixed Firetruk and the results were strate dancefloor heat and these remixes equally tuff! Watch out for Kid 606 taking on the Infants soon!

Infants – Firetruk (Barringtone Remix)

Infants – Traktor (Barringtone Remix)

3 Responses to “Hot New Infants Remixes”

  1. Hilarius Giggles Says:

    Yes that Barringtone mix of firetruck nearly gave me a hernia – but it was worth it – black belt!!

  2. danz Says:

    yes yes yes!
    I miss Clor very much as well. That picture is quite disturbing. Until it moves, then it’s entertaining.

  3. sluttyfringe Says:

    Anyone who doesn’t miss Clor has no soul!

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